Smash Mouth Bassist Accuses Wife Of Trying To Break His Fingers

Smash Mouth might have achieved its biggest fame atop the sunny and cheerful “All Star”, but it turns out bassist Paul DeLisle’s personal life is anything but relaxed bliss. New court documents filed by both the musician and his soon to be ex-wife expose a pattern of threats, domestic abuse and cruelty. Each has taken out and been granted a restraining order against the other, and if the specifics are to be believed, it’s a good thing they’ll be spending time apart.

According to TMZ, both Paul and Mary DeLisle have a laundry list of complaints about the other’s behavior. She accuses him of slapping her, throwing things at her, spitting on her, locking her out of the house, dragging her out of bed by her ankles, sitting on her chest and calling her a “cunt”. He accuses her of trying to intentionally break his fingers during arguments, pulling his hair, kicking him and threatening him with a knife. Not surprisingly, he officially filed for divorce after the most recent restraining order was granted.

Lost in all the finger-pointing and confusion is the couple’s two-year-old daughter, who, of course, didn’t ask for any of this. Her father is seeking sole custody in the divorce, but until the specifics of who actually did what can be worked out, there’s no way a judge would rule to give either permanent custody. In the mean time, each needs to take a step back, calm down and try to behave like sensible adults for their daughter’s sake.

Mack Rawden
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