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Sofia Vergara Has Dress Pulled Down, Nick Loeb Gets Bruised During Nightclub Skirmish

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara and her fiancé Nick Loeb didn’t exactly start the New Year off very well. Just hours after she hosted a party at the Delano in Miami, Loeb was reportedly thrown out of Story, a hip new nightclub run by Vergara’s ex-boyfriend Chris Paciello.

According to Page Six, the two were inside the VIP section of Story on Paciello’s invitation (it’s been more than a decade since he and Sofia broke up) when Loeb got into it with someone at a nearby table. The actress reportedly stepped in to try and calm the situation, but during the skirmish, her dress was ripped down and security bruised Loeb. He was then told the exit the club, and she followed in his wake. Luckily, the two talked it out after leaving the club and headed back to their suite at the Delano together.

Apart from a short period in which they went their separate ways, Vergara and Loeb, a wealthy heir from New York, have been together since 2010. Clearly, their New Year’s plans cast their relationship in a poor, trainwreck-esque light, but there’s a difference between regularly having nights like that and everything going to hell once. The former is a clear dealbreaker and the latter isn’t necessarily a reason to throw away a relationship.

Not surprisingly, neither Vergara nor Loeb has commented on their ill-fated night. If one of them decides to speak publically, we’ll let you know what is said. Until then, try not to mouth off at nightclubs.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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