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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Needs To Stop Lying To The Government

I don’t know why Amber Portwood feels compelled to lie to judges and on legal paperwork, but the Teen Mom star either needs to stop or get a hell of a lot better at it. Less than two weeks after getting caught fraudulently claiming to be destitute on a rental application in order to qualify for cheap housing, Portwood has been ordered to jail by pissed off prosecutors after she straight up lied about a mystery illness.

According to TMZ, Portwood was due in court last week for a mandatory drug test, but she never showed up. The case manager called to find out why she’d bailed, and the trainwreck offered up a sob story about being ordered to remain in bed for three weeks by her doctor. The crafty case manager smelled the BS from a mile away; so, she phoned the doctor and discovered what she’d suspected all along. There were no orders to stay in bed. Portwood just didn’t want to be drug tested.

Given her long and puzzling history with the Indiana Court System, prosecutors are reportedly going to keep Portwood behind bars for a few weeks before putting her in front of a judge. If he’s feeling swirly, she could wind up spending even more time behind bars. At some point, there has to be consequence for foolish actions, and after awhile, those consequences have to be repeatedly upped until the message is heard. Two weeks might not change Portwood’s behavior but maybe a year behind bars would remove her head from her ass.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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