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Thailand Shuts Down Sex Club After Rihanna Tweets

Rihanna might be a big tipper, but apparently, she’s the last person you want in your unlicensed sex club. The starlet was in Thailand last month for a series of concerts when she decided to stop by the establishment and watch a Thai woman pull a series of objects out of her hooha. She was so impressed/ disgusted/ confused by what she saw that she decided to tweet about it, which caught the attention of local authorities.

You can take a look at a screenshot of some of the tweets below…

By the time the Thai police arrived, all of the crazy sex acts had finished; so, no one was arrested. Authorities decided to play it cool, however, and simply monitored the club until another one of the crazy X-rated evenings went down. According to The New York Daily News, that craziness in question finally happened on Saturday night, and the owner of the club was promptly arrested and charged with obscenity and operating an entertainment venue without a permit. If convicted, he could be sent to prison for one month and fined $1,900, or to put it in other terms, a little more than two percent of what Pacman Jones once threw at strippers during one night in Houston, Texas.

Miley Cyrus might play like she means it, but Rihanna is on a whole different level. For most other pop stars, this fiasco could cost them a few endorsements or at least turn some heads, but for this famous lady, it’s just par for the course. She’s taken pictures with illegal animals and maintains an aggressively R-rated Twitter feed. There are few lines she won’t cross, but thanks to this club being shut down, she may not have the choice the next time she's in Thailand anyway.

To check out Rihanna’s new video, which, is, of course, very sexually forward and NSFW-ish, you can watch the clip below…

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