Tina Turner has lived in Kuesnacht, a suburb of Zurich, Switzerland for almost twenty years now, and apparently, she’s not interested in ever moving back. The beloved musician announced this week that she’s turning in her United States Passport and officially becoming a Swiss citizen later this year.

According to The Guardian, Turner has already gotten approval from local government officials. There are still several steps she’ll need to take and several people who need to sign off in order to complete the European transition, but none of those roadblocks are expected to cause any kind of issue.

Turner first moved to Kuesnacht back in 1995 to join her longtime partner, German music manager Erwin Bach. They’ve lived in a lake house called Chateau Algonquin ever since. She hasn’t spoken extensively about her private life in the time since except to say she’s extremely happy, and this decision certainly seems like concrete evidence of that.

Turner was raised in Tennessee and later shot to fame as part of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. The husband/ wife partnership was a huge success professionally, but privately, the relationship was marred by numerous ugly incidents. The two later divorced, and she embarked on a successful solo career. It’s wonderful to hear she’s found such stability in her personal life, and while I’m not sure I support giving up her US Passport, I hope the decision brings her peace and happiness.

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