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Watch A Bird Whistle And Beatbox Dubstep

One of the upsides (or possibly downsides) of having certain types of birds as a pet is the chance that it might pick up on things you say, sounds you make or the music you listen to and work them into their whistling chatter. In the case of one pet bird, he appears to have figured out how to whistle dubstep. His owner caught his musical talent on camera and shared it online. Watch the video ahead!

The video below went up on Youtube on January 13 (at the Rainykauke channel and has already racked up more than four million views. Fittingly titled "Bird singing dubstep!" the video features just that…

That's some impressive rhythm right there. Per the video's description, the bird's name is Harvey and he learned this trick from his owner occasionally beat boxing around the house. He wasn't trained to do this and they've never even played dubstep to him before.

My family had a cockatiel when I was growing up and though he was trained to do the "wolf whistle," he also eventually taught himself the PC Richards commercial whistle (opens in new tab) due to his cage being set above the TV, and used to whistle it back to the television whenever it aired. So I believe a bird could very well figure out how to beat box if his owner's constantly doing it. It's just funny how much it sounds like electronic dance music when you factor in the whistling. Hats off to Harvey re-inventing dubstep!

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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