Watch Clark, Ellen And Audrey Griswold Get Serenaded In Christmas Vacation-Themed Old Navy Ad

The last Christmas Vacation-themed Old Navy commercial put Audrey and Ellen in the background. In fact, their appearance was so brief, I wasn't even sure it was actually Juliette Lewis and Beverly D'Angelo playing them. Well, there's no mistaking the two Christmas Vacation stars in the latest commercial. Once again, Clark, Audrey and Ellen Griswold are helping Old Navy peddle their threads. And this time around, they have Johnny Mathis to provide some music.

According to Ellen Griswold, Old Navy's sweaters are as warm and cozy as a Johnny Mathis song. And Mathis just so happens to be on hand to prove it.

When factoring in the Christmas Vacation sequel Vegas Vacation, an appearance by Wayne Newton might've been more nostalgically fitting for the serenade. But Mathis has actually appeared in another one of Old Navy's recent commercials, which also banks on nostalgia, as it features Jordan Knight of The New Kids on the Block.

It's been great seeing the Griswold's mostly back together for the holidays, though it's disappointing that Johnny Galecki hasn't appeared. Too busy with The Big Bang Theory, perhaps. I would've also accepted one of the other Rusty's (Anthony Michael Hall, Jason Lively or Ethan Embry) in Galecki's place. All Chase should have to do is call out "Russ!" and one of them should appear, right?

Watch another Christmas Vacation Old Navy ad here.

Kelly West
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