Duping a friend into eating something disgusting is a beloved middle school lunchroom activity, but as we get older, most of us grow out that phase. Philadelphia couple Jesse and Jeana, best known for their YouTube series Prank vs Prank, definitely don’t fall into the “most” category. Not too long ago, she tricked him into consuming a sandwich with sand in it, and over the weekend, he paid her back by raising the temperature a little bit.

While out to pick up some sushi for dinner, Jesse stopped at a local market and picked up a hot pepper extract 100x hotter than a jalapeno pepper. Using gloves, he carefully injected some of it into each of her sushi pieces and walked in the front door as if everything was normal.

You can take a look at what happened when the poor girl ate her dinner below…

I love how she tries to play it off at first as if she just got an oddly spicy bite. As the flavors nestle in under her tongue and start simmering instead of going away, however, there’s no point in trying to hide the chaos that’s going on inside her body. She’s going to be in agony for a few minutes, and she knows exactly who is responsible.

I have no idea how anyone has the balls to ruin his wife’s dinner in such a grandiose fashion, but I’m glad these two seem to have an understanding that anything is fair game in the ongoing war.

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