Watch Old People Learn How To Use Google Glass

What happens when you give a set of old timers the latest and greatest piece of 21st century innovation? The answer may be surprising when you watch this video of baby boomers trying out the new Google Glass. If you are expecting hijinx, old person confusion, and a hint of senility, this is the video for you. I was legitimately surprised at how quickly they adapted though!

While there is the initial goofiness of the elderly not quite knowing how to put on the glasses, they all were able to recognize what it was fairly quickly! My guess is there was a Dateline special on it a couple weeks ago or something. TheFineBros do a decent job of guiding them along the path, but still making them work to get the reactions they were hoping for. Before you know it they’re navigating Google Glass like pros, at least apart from the one who guy "accidentally" went to a porn site.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with the quickness the elderly in this video adapted to new tech because my grandmas both are pros at Facebook after only a year. I remember the first week one of my grandmas was on the site she wrote a three paragraph post to her sister and then published it as her status! In the time since, though, they've both taken to the technology and started to get the hang of it.

In their lifetime they witnessed a boom of technological innovation where televisions, computers, and phones developed at a rapid rate. My grandma used to tell me about how her house had an extra long phone line that stretched well into the next room for more private conversations, and now she just uses a cell phone as her primary line! So cut an old person some slack because stuff changes rather quickly.

Mick Joest
Content Producer

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