Watch This Video To Discover 26 Weird And Creepy Animal Mating Habits

Did you know female ducks have the capacity to eject unwanted sperm? Did you know hippos incorporate feces when they’re fooling around? Did you know lions sometimes have sex up to forty times in a single day? We may marvel at the strange eccentricities and complexities of human sexuality, but when compared against most other animals, we’re decidedly vanilla.

The above video was put together by popular YouTube channel Mental Floss. It lays out twenty-six animals and discusses the more bizarre elements of their mating habits. Some of them are quirky and not altogether shocking—like penguins mating for an entire year, but others are a combination of disturbing and absurd. From changing sexes to being absorbed and fusing into a single organism, there aren’t any two creatures that mate exactly the same way, which should make all of us relax a little bit about any of the weird hangups or strange turn-ons we might personally have.

There’s a difference between being a bit sophomoric and being unprofessional. Clearly, this video doesn’t exactly have the loftiest or most sophisticated subject matter, but that doesn’t stop John Green from assigning it value through his careful research and steady stream of interesting facts. Whether it be strange medical conditions or unusual units of measurement, he never shies away from the material and he never fails to deliver laughs.

Case in point: two weeks ago, John was out sick or out clubbing or out doing something and couldn’t host. Consequently, his brother Hank took over hosting duties, and while the episode shares the same writers and the same graphics, it’s not most definitely not the same show. John is a little more aggressive. He has a bit more of a cool guy vibe, and he comes across as a little bit less all-knowledgeable. Hank, on the other hand, isn’t quite as suave or confident, but he’s funny in a more off-beat kind of way. He comes across as a bit more intelligent, whether it’s true or not, and I suspect his target audience is a little different.

You can check out the differences for yourself in the video below…

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