Why Didn't Kanye Bother Asking Bruce Jenner Before Proposing?

Earlier this month, Kanye West took his girlfriend/ baby mama/ longtime friend Kim Kardashian to AT&T Park in San Francisco, and in front of a full orchestra and numerous family members, he asked her to marry him. By all accounts, it was a beautiful moment filled with lots of tears and a giant engagement ring. One person, however, was noticeably absent.

Fresh off his separation from longtime wife/ Kim’s mom Kris Jenner, Bruce was completely snubbed out of an invitation to San Francisco. In fact, he wasn’t told about the plan by anyone involved until Kim excitedly called him. That’s obviously a little bit of a slap in the face to Bruce on the part of Kanye, and in some ways, it’s a slap in the face to Kim too.

According to People, Kim has already decided Bruce will walk her down the aisle, as he did during her wedding to Kris Humphries. Why? Because she’s always considered him a father, in addition to her biological dad Robert Kardashian, who died many years ago. Bruce was there for her throughout most of her life, and whether he’s separated from Kris or not, she wants him to be a big part of the day. As such, you would think Kanye would have wanted to talk to Bruce/ ask for his permission.

Yes, a father doesn’t need to give his permission for a man to marry his daughter these days. Girls are free to marry whoever the hell they want, as they should be, but there’s still something classy and honorable about asking. It starts everything off on a path of togetherness and compromise. That being said, neither Kanye nor Kim is exactly the most formal person. They live life on their own paths, and they really don’t seem to care about traditional at all. Maybe that works for them, and maybe Bruce doesn’t even care.

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