Why Tom Hardy Got So Mad When A Reporter Asked About His Sexuality

Earlier this week, Tom Hardy had an uncomfortable interaction with a reporter at the Toronto Film Festival that easily could have been avoided. While promoting his upcoming film Legend, Hardy and a few others involved in the film took the stage for a press conference following the premiere. Though some reporters go a bit off topic from the film itself, one reporter just completely took a right turn and decided to ask about Tom Hardy’s sexuality, to which Hardy looked seriously pissed, and dismissed the reporter. Now the actor is speaking out about why he shut down the off-topic question.

The entire interaction was painfully uncomfortable for anyone in the audience, or those who later saw the video of the incident, but in speaking with Entertainment Weekly about the off-topic question now, Hardy had good reason for being so angry. He told the publication:

That really, really annoyed me. It was just the inelegance of being asked in a room full of people. Now I’m happy to have a conversation, a discussion, at a reasonable time about anything. I’m confident in my own sexuality, and I’m also confident in my own being and talking about any issue you want to talk about it. But there is a time and a place for that.

Hardy clearly wasn’t upset about the actual question, but more so in the context of where the question was asked. This was an esteemed film festival, promoting a biopic crime thriller that has generated critical acclaim. It was not the time nor place for such a question to be asked and Hardy did not have the time for such ridiculousness. He also felt that the reporter was just asking it for the purpose of sensationalism. Hardy went on to explain:

I found it very humiliating for somebody to decide that on his dime and his time, to openly and inelegantly pursue a line of questioning which I could only sense at the moment – which was quite awkward – that it was zeroing in on a reaction from me that would become a topic of discussion that had nothing to do really, really to do with what was there. It’s so important to the LGBT [community] that people actually feel safe about their sexuality and are able to speak freely and not be stigmatized or feel like they are being pointed out. Why point me out, assuming that I’m gay because I’m ambiguous about it, which I’m very clear if you look into what I’ve said in the past.

At the end of the day, the reporter’s question was just straight up rude, and unnecessary for the setting. Tom Hardy was not trying to hide his sexuality, or avoid the question, but rather set the stage for the appropriate timing of such question. Though with the internet and current nature of celebrity, divulging personal details are all the rage, Hardy doesn’t seem to have a problem with having a conversation about his sexuality, but jeesh, at least have the guy come in for an interview and buy him a cup of coffee or something first.