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Earlier this week, a woman named Pamela Smith filed a lawsuit against Michael Jordan, claiming the basketball legend fathered her sixteen-year-old son and never formally claimed paternity. She’s seeking child support, a public admission of paternity, the right for her son to change his last name to Jordan and if all goes well, a real father and son relationship between the men.

If the woman is to be believed, she never wanted to file the paternity suit. Apparently, she and Michael have stayed in touch over the years, and the Charlotte Bobcats owner has even given her and the child some money a few times. That was good enough for her, but supposedly, it wasn’t good enough for her son Taj Reynolds who begged her to file a lawsuit.

According to TMZ, the woman has a few photographs of herself and her son with Jordan. No one is denying that she knew MJ during the time frame, but as for whether there’s any validity to this case, it’s still unclear. Sixteen years is a long time to wait, and rumors are abounding that Taj is an aspiring rapper who may be looking for a big break. Jordan hasn’t commented publically, and he’s not expected to before the first court date.

Over the years, Jordan has been hit with other paternity lawsuits that were filed far more quickly than sixteen-years after the alleged kid was born, and they’ve proven to be without basis. What about this one? Do you buy this story, or do you think this woman and her son are just trying to take MJ to the cleaners? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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