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Would You Watch The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape For Free?

Who knew, four years after it first leaked, that we’d be talking about the Kim Kardashian/ Ray J sex tape more than ever? The much publicized roll in the hay has been all over the news the past month as Kim’s star-studded wedding greatly increased views and then prompted an anonymous bidder to come forward offering a large sum of money to destroy the video evidence. Recently, Pop Blend asked its readers if the reality star was the secret buyer and nearly eighty percent speculated she was. That still hasn’t been confirmed, but something tells me even if she isn’t, she’d definitely prefer that agreement to the one just proposed., an online adult entertainment site, has offered five million dollars for the footage. That’s only a small fraction of the thirty million partial rights holder Vivid Entertainment is reportedly seeking, but without any word on how much the anonymous bidder has proposed, it’s hard to know whether Pornhub’s price will be taken seriously. The company argued in a letter obtained by TMZ that the DVD market is on its way out and the best way to generate money is through advertising on free content. If successful, the company proposes to put the clip in its entirety online for free.

Naturally, all that begs the question, would you watch Kim and Ray J go to town on each other if it was available without hassle online? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

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Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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