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I've got a weakness for a certain kind of patriotism, for things like wearing stars and stripes on the Fourth of July, sights of soldiers returning home from combat, all that iconography that's blasted into American brains pretty much at birth. So while I'm only lukewarm about the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger, I love the posters that have been commissioned by Mondo, the source of great pop culture design and the alternate posters that pop up for seemingly every fan-friendly movie. Several of the Cap designs have been floated around the Internet at places like Badass Digest, Wired and Slashfilm. Some are done up like propaganda posters for the evil organization Hydra, and some are pure jingoistic American energy. Below are two of my favorites. As I prepare for tonight's press screening of Captain America, this might be the first time I've been genuinely excited about it. I guess good design is its own kind of superpower.