The Walking Dead: 4 Logical Theories About That Helicopter


How Justice League Subtly Set Up Green Lantern Corps

Although Justice League didn't have a Green Lantern as one of its founding members, the movie did take a little time to set up the Green Lantern Corps in the DCEU.

Dancing With The Stars Just Made Its First Season 25 Finale Elimination

Dancing with the Stars completed the first half of its big two-part Season 25 finale by eliminating one of the final four couples. Here's who was voted out.

Supergirl Just Introduced A New Member Of The Legion Of Super-Heroes, And It's Already Complicated

Supergirl has been teasing the introduction of the Legion of Super-Heroes for a while now. The latest episode introduced an exciting member of the Legion, and it's already complicated.

Harley Quinn Is Getting Her Own TV Show, Here's What's Happening

One of the most popular characters of DC Comics is Harley Quinn, and she made a big splash in showbiz in Suicide Squad. Now she's headed back to the small screen for a show of her own. Read on for details.

Murder On The Orient Express Is Getting A Sequel

Murder on the Orient Express has spent more than a week in theaters, and now 20th Century Fox is moving forward with a sequel.

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How Laura Dern's Star Wars Character Will Shake Up The Last Jedi

Vice Admiral Holdo is here to shake things up in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And no, she won't be telling Poe "May the odds be ever in your favor."

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Will Stranger Things Season 3 Bring Kali Back? Here's What The Creator Says

Stranger Things introduced a polarizing new character by the name of Kali in Season 2. Read on for what one of the Duffer brothers has to say about the possibility of her return in Season 3.

Epic New Agents Of SHIELD Trailer Has Us Worried About One Major Character, Watch It Now

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally set to return to ABC for Season 5 in just a couple more weeks, and a new trailer has hit the web that is conspicuously missing one major character. Check it out!

What One Major DC Comics Creator Thinks About Justice League's Post-Credits Scene

One of DC Comics' top creative talent has shared his thoughts about Justice League's intriguing post-credits scene. SPOILERS ahead!

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Why Michael Keaton Was The Right Person To Plan Stan Hurley In American Assassin

With American Assassin's home release on the horizon, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Michael Keaton have opened up to explain why the former Batman was the right actor to play a badass like Stan Hurley.

Movie News
Harrison Ford Spotted Helping A Woman Involved In A Car Crash

If you're gonna be rescued by someone, having Harrison Ford being that person isn't a bad way to go.

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How Justice League Sets Up The Aquaman Solo Movie

The new blockbuster accomplishes some foundation-building that audiences will get to see pay off in about 13 months when the Aquaman film arrives in theaters nationwide.

Watch The Weather Channels' Coverage Of The Georgia Dome Implosion Get Ruined By A Bus

This is like somebody sitting in front of you in the movie theater while wearing a hat. But a hat shaped like a bus.

She's Gotta Have It Review: Spike Lee's Netflix Series Is A Stunner

Adapted from his breakthrough film of the same name, Spike Lee has brought his cast of colorful characters back with a modern feel, and the result is a sensory and emotional feast.

Justice League: All Of The Deep Cut DC References That We Caught

Justice League is absolutely jam-packed with awesome Easter eggs and DC references. Check out our handy list to see if you picked up on all of them!

Dunkirk Is Getting A Holiday Re-Release In Theaters

Audiences will have another chance to see the Christopher Nolan film in the way it was meant to be seen.

Movie News
Watch The Flash, Supergirl And More Battle Their Nazi Doubles In Epic New Crossover Trailer

The next big superhero crossover is on the way, and the big trailer features the heroes of the Arrow-verse facing off against their evil doppelgangers. Check it out!

Who Really Drew All The Penises On American Vandal, According To The Creators

American Vandal's creators have officially revealed who drew all them dicks.

Gambit Has Found Its Leading Actress

Channing Tatum will be succeeding Taylor Kitsch as the new cinematic Gambit, and now the spinoff has found the actress who will costar alongside the Magic Mike performer.

Movie News
Watch Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert And More Get Into A Weird Arugment On HBO Special

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were only the beginning of a very funny sketch during HBO's Night of Too Many Stars.

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How Justice League Subtly Set Up Green Lantern Corps
How Justice League Sets Up The Aquaman Solo Movie
Justice League: All Of The Deep Cut DC References That We Caught
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