Former Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Responds After Giancarlo Esposito Praised Her As A Co-Star

The Mandalorian is going to look a bit different when it returns to Disney+ for its third season, as it’ll be without one of its key stars, Gina Carano (who played Cara Dune). As many probably remember, the star was fired from Lucasfilm earlier this year following controversial social media posts. Since then, the actress has still come up in conversations related to the show, though. As a matter of fact, when discussing his work on the Star Wars series at a recent convention, Moff Gideon actor Giancarlo Esposito referred to Carano as his favorite co-star. With this, the actress has now responded her former co-star’s praise. 

It was during his appearance at Fan EXPO Denver (via Joe Turner) that the Breaking Bad alum made his feelings known. Eventually, those comments made their way to the actress herself, and she took to her Twitter account to send some love back to her former collaborator. Check out the tweet for yourself down below: 

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After being asked about his favorite co-star, Giancarlo Esposito seemed to subtly acknowledge that his answer could be a bit controversial. Nevertheless, he went on to discuss what he enjoyed most about working with his colleague:

I have to say, and this may be... Okay, I'll say it without hesitation: Gina Carano. She went through a lot in the past year. I'm not gonna weigh in on any of that in particular other than, any of her political beliefs or what she said, whether I think it's inappropriate or appropriate or not. We as actors probably sometimes - I know for me - I should just shut my mouth. But sometimes I can't. I gotta say what I believe because it has to go on record. I loved working with her. She's warm and beautiful and wonderful, and you know, I don't care what her politics are. I love the fact that she came to acting late and that she was so raw and original and beautiful, and I just think she's a lovely person. So I shout her out and say she's one of my favorites.

Gina Carano was let go from The Mandalorian and Lucasfilm as a whole after sharing social media posts that were deemed “abhorrent and unacceptable” by the studio. Shortly after, the actress alleged that she was “bullied” by the company and its parent corporation, Disney. She claimed that she was being “head-hunted” and seemed to insinuate that the studio was looking for a reason to fire her. 

Prior to the post that led to the termination of her contract, Carano had previously come under fire for other posts. On one occasion, she published messages in which she seemed to mock people’s use of pronouns. She also shared anti-mask and social distancing sentiments in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

After her firing, the former MMA fighter actually saw an increase in her social media following, as it was reported at the time that she’d gained 150k followers since being let go. At present, she’s teamed up with conservative news outlet The Daily Wire to produce and star in film projects. The first on that slate, Terror on the Prairie, is now in development and will mark the performer’s first post-Mandalorian acting gig.

It would seem that Gina Carano holds no ill will towards her co-stars following everything that’s happened. She also previously showed love to the show’s lead actor, Pedro Pascal, after her departure from the series. All in all, it would seem that there’s mutual respect among the current and former residents of the galaxy far, far away. It’s currently unclear as to how the producers plan to handle the absence of Carano’s character for Season 3, and it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out in that regard.

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