Jonah Hill Responds After People 'Create Beef' Between Him And The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda

A side-by-side photo of The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda and Don't Look Up's Jonah Hill.
(Image credit: LucasFilm/Netflix)

When it comes to media coverage of celebrities, Jonah Hill has made it clear more than once that he believes there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Last year, he took a stand against the body-shaming he says he faced in the media. Now, he’s not mincing words as he takes a dig at the nature of quotes running around on the Internet – and sets the record straight about alleged beef between him and The Mandalorian’s beloved Grogu, aka Baby Yoda. 

Jonah Hill was asked about The Mandalorian in a recent Variety interview. In it, he claimed he “didn’t give a fuck” about Baby Yoda, but while the comment may seem aggressive out of context, in reality he was just commenting about not really getting into the series as much as his Don't Look Up co-star Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have. 

Leo made me watch The Mandalorian when we were making Don’t Look Up, and it was like, Baby Yoda was so cute, but I just didn’t give a fuck because I didn’t know anything that it was about.

However, the story spread like wildfire, to the point where the celebrity felt he needed to take to Instagram to comment on the matter. About the "beef" that was being created, he noted:

They’re literally trying to create beef between me and Baby Yoda. I’m getting ahead of it. I wanna say this once on the record officially: Baby Yoda and I are dear friends and text at least once a week. We may not be text every day type of friends and yes Covid put a strain on our friendship, but we are all good. And that’s all I will say on this matter! Now please respect our privacy at this time.

Jonah Hill’s response is basically tongue-in-cheek, but it does speak to how sometimes quotes can get taken out of context, leading to fake issues. Though real beef -- just look at the Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe back and forth -- and fake beef -- like Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' ongoing feud, also tend to run around online.

At least the actor’s statement on his non-feud has also given us some insights into Jonah Hill’s ever-growing list of talented friends. Even if Baby Yoda and Jonah Hill aren’t on a “text every day” level, it sounds like they’ve got a special bond!  Now that the Oscar nominee has cleared up any ideas that friendship is on the outs, perhaps one day they'll have the opportunity to work together?

Though Hill's interest in that idea doesn't seem particularly high, perhaps the two can even translate their off-screen friendship into an on-screen partnership? We know Baby Yoda may have some free time in his schedule these days. If he wants to expand his acting horizons beyond The Mandalorian and the Star Wars universe, Jonah Hill is getting ready to make another movie with Martin Scorsese. We know Baby Yoda has some range, and a biopic about The Grateful Dead may be just the kind of acting challenge he’s looking for. The two will just have to make sure to avoid any rumors about on-set tension if they do decide to team up!

Katherine Webb