Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Has A Delightful Response To Trivia About Luke’s Most Annoying Trait

With Star Wars' Mark Hamill playing the memorable Luke Skywalker for over thirty years, you gotta have a sense of humor about it. Mark Hamill is no stranger to posting funny tweets on Twitter, and this week was no exception. The actor gave his Twitter followers some hilarious insight into what he thinks of what fans consider Luke Skywalker’s most annoying trait.

Mark Hamill shared a meme that shows in the original Star Wars trilogy that Luke Skywalker asks a total of 118 questions. The iconic sci-fi star retweeted that meme, giving the fan who actually counted the credit for sitting through the entire series and getting the task done. Although Hamill jokes if this was done out loud during the movie, however, that’s just “rude” and “irritating!”

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This wouldn’t be the first time the actor has poked fun at the Luke Skywalker character, who is known for asking countless questions throughout the original trilogy. On Instagram, Hamill's made Star Wars mashups in order to hype the Disney+ Beatles documentary. (Imagine hearing laser sword sound effects while listening to Hey Jude?) Another example of Mark Hamill’s Star Wars humor would be when he wouldn’t stop reposting about hilarious merch of Luke’s dismembered hand. Guess you have to have a sense of humor to avoid the trauma of having your hand cut off by none other than Darth Vader.   

As of recent, Mark Hamill has not let go of the iconic role that has made him the actor he is today. Other than reprising the role in the spinoff series, you could also catch Skywalker's return in The Mandalorian. You’ll be surprised -- and spoilers if you're still behind -- when you see Luke Skywalker the way you remember him in the trilogy series with one of the best de-aging effects you’ll ever see. Although he's the one answering the questions, rather than asking them. For as long as Star Wars will continue, we’ll be sure to see Mark Hamill continue to make a name for himself in this popular film franchise.

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