Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill Hilariously Proved He Can Go Viral For Tweeting Anything

Star Wars' Mark Hamill

Every once in a while the gods bless us with a gem of a celebrity who is so beloved that just their mere presence is enough to unite the vastness of social media to one cause, and to the Star Wars fandom, that person is Mark Hamill. The iconic Star Wars star gained a near instant social media following, and now has hilariously proved that he can go viral for basically anything, as claimed by one of his many fans.

Mark Hamill is surprisingly deft at social media, and could give many a grandparent a vital lesson in hashtag usage and funny Tweets. In fact, Hamill is a must-follow for Star Wars fans who use Twitter, as the actor posts fantastic throwbacks and funny references and reactions pretty frequently. It would seem that the fandom does, in fact, pay close heed to Hamill’s updates because he very quickly went viral for the sole purpose of going viral.

The Star Wars star and social media guru retweeted a message from a fan that claimed Mark Hamill could get thousands of likes for just tweeting his name, and by adding his name to the retweet, Hamill did just that. Hamill’s Tweet got over a thousand likes in less than a minute and is, at the time of this writing, currently at over a half a million likes and has almost 30,000 retweets. You can check out Hamill’s self-fulfilling post below:

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The comments are full of Star Wars jokes and gifs, and one fan shares a pretty perfect and famous Rey and Han Solo reaction gif, basically confirming that what the post claims, “It’s true. All of it.” Another fan comments how the Tweet will end up being Mark Hamill’s most liked Tweet, and in amazement, says it is some Beyonce-level engagement he is receiving.

While Mark Hamill basically is the Beyonce of the Star Wars fandom and he could probably get a huge level of engagement just from his iconic role of Luke Skywalker, Hamill has also contributed to other famous characters as well. After his career really took off from Star Wars, Hamill did a ton of voice acting and even played Batman’s The Joker on a few projects. Hamill has played a wild amount of children’s characters, and, weirdly enough, even had a stint as the voice of horror icon Chucky.

He may be pretty much done with his character of Luke Skywalker for Star Wars, but fans will still be able to get their dose of Mark Hamill. Other than his many voice roles, Hamill has an upcoming movie called The Machine in which he stars in the flesh. In the meantime, though, you can catch him in your social media feed as he continues to kill the Twitter game.

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