Mark Hamill Keeps Hyping The Disney+ Beatles Documentary With Awesome Star Wars Mashups

Mark Hamill is a pop culture icon with a legacy going all the way back to the premiere of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977, but he shares something in common with a whole lot of people all over the world that has nothing to do with a galaxy far, far away: a love of The Beatles. The actor has spoken about his enthusiasm for The Beatles plenty of times over the years, and even shared the story of how he was “so in awe” of the late George Harrison when they met. Now, he’s hyping Disney+’s Beatles documentary with some awesome Star Wars mashups. 

The three-part docu-series about The Beatles packed with never-before-seen footage, called The Beatles: Get Back, premiered on Disney+ just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, and Mark Hamill wasted no time in hitting social media to celebrate it. In fact, he was already hyping Get Back before it even premiered, which is a big deal from somebody who wasn’t even involved in the making of it! He posted on Instagram:

I won’t lie – with Mark Hamill’s Empire Strikes Back hair style, he fits right in with The Beatles in this first mashup, with the exception of that blaster. And he didn’t stop the Star Wars mashups with just the one of Luke Skywalker posing with the band a few days before the docu-series’ release. I’m personally a fan of the second edit that has all four of them running from an AT-AT, and the drawing of Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca as “The Rebels” is certainly fun. 

In case you had any doubts that Mark Hamill in real life really is a Beatles superfan, the last two images give it away: he looks just about as excited as a Star Wars superfan about to see a new movie in the shot of him holding a copy of The Beatles’ book, and that’s saying something considering the lower half of his face is blocked! And, of course, the throwback photo of a young Hamill wearing a Beatles t-shirt is downright endearing. Plus, that shirt would totally sell nowadays since he posted a photo wearing it!

Mark Hamill wasn’t done there, either. He had a new take on a Star Wars version of The Beatles to share: 

“The Storm Beatles” may not have appeared in any Star Wars film or TV projects, but I could imagine that particular band showing up in a Star Wars Robot Chicken special, maybe even featuring Mark Hamill! That may not exactly be likely, but I think we’re probably all better off for having read the sentence “Aren’t you a little fab for a stormtrooper?” And the actor wasn’t done promoting the docu-series after the first episode released:

Mark Hamill pulled out all the stops for the Star Wars/Beatles mashup he posted on the day of the release, with characters from all over the saga edited together, complete with Star Wars shapes made out of flowers and a little hidden Jar Jar Binks in the front. All things considered, I just hope that Hamill’s excitement for the docu-series paid off and he’s absolutely loving it. He has also been posting about The Beatles: Get Back on Twitter as well, so it’s probably safe to say that he’s enjoying it. 

Fans can enjoy the first two parts of it now as well, as the first premiered on November 25 and was followed by the second on November 26. The third part that will complete the six-hour docu-series journey courtesy of Peter Jackson and The Beatles releases on November 27, all on Disney+. 

Laura Hurley
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