Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2’s Finale Delivered Another Jango Fett-Related Twist

Jango Fett pointing blaster in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
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Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2's final episode, "Plan 99," are ahead!

Although The Mandalorian’s latest episode is getting a lot of attention for briefly featuring Star Wars Rebels’ Zeb and upping the ante for Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze in major ways, this week also marked Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s Season 2 finale. Sadly for Clone Force 99, this finale, a.k.a. “Plan 99,” was arguably more tragic than how Season 1 ended, as Omega was taken captive by the Empire, and Hunter, Wrecker and Echo have no idea where to start looking for her. But before this chapter of The Bad Batch reached its conclusion, the Star Wars show delivered yet another twist tied to Jango Fett: Omega isn’t the only female clone of the late bounty hunter.

Anyone familiar with the Star Wars franchise knows that Jango Fett was the genetic template for the clone army the Republic used to combat the Separatists during the aptly-named Clone Wars, and they continued to be of service in the early years of the Empire, although the middle of The Bad Batch Season 2 showed how the changeover from clone troopers to stormtroopers occurred. Until “Plan 99,” Michelle Ang’s Omega was believed to be Jango's only female clone, but now we know she’s joined by Imperial scientist Emerie Karr, voiced by Keisha Castle-Hughes. This revelation came after Omega was brought to the Advanced Science Division’s (ASD) Weyland facility on Mount Tantiss. 

Emerie Karr in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

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After Omega saw an unconscious Crosshair, Emerie approached her and explained that she’d tried to warn him what would happen if he didn’t cooperate with her superior, Jimmi Simpson’s Dr. Royce Hemlock. When Omega demanded to speak to Nala Se, who took care of the girl when she was growing up on Kamino, Emerie noted it was ironic that Omega trusted the Kaminoan more than her. Omega understandably pointed out she didn’t know Emerie, to which the latter responded:

No? You might know me better than you think. We’re sisters, Omega.

Emerie Karr was introduced in “Metamorphosis” as the supervisor for Crosshair’s treatment at the Weyland facility after he was taken in for killing Lieutenant Nolan on Barton IV. Although Emerie was sympathetic to a point, she made it clear to Crosshair that he’d need to listen to her in order to survive, but he’s outgrown his “good soldiers follow orders” phase. Unfortunately, “Plan 99” ends before Emerie can elaborate on her claim of being Omega’s older “sister,” so we’re left to ponder her origins and perhaps wonder if she’s even telling the truth. However, assuming she is on the up and up, then it stands to reason Emerie's aged at the same accelerated rate the clone troopers did, as opposed to Omega and Boba Fett, both of whom age normally.

As of this writing, there’s been no word on if Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 will happen, but I’m crossing my fingers it does, and not just to shed light on Emerie Karr. “Plan 99” also saw Tech sacrificing his life so that his cohorts wouldn’t be captured by the Empire. That said, although Hemlock later presented Tech’s damaged goggles to Hunter on Ord Mantell, we never actually saw a body, so there’s still a chance he somehow could have survived that fall. Lucasfilm, please don’t leave Star Wars fans hanging on either of these twists!

The first two seasons of Star Wars: The Bad Batch can now be streamed with a Disney+ subscription, which you can also use to watch the Star Wars movies in order. If you’re looking to enjoy more original, small screen Star Wars content, there are still three episodes left in The Mandalorian Season 3 left to arrive, and the franchise’s upcoming TV shows include Ahsoka, Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte.

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