Watch Snoop Dogg And Ice Cube's Mandalorian-Inspired New Music Video

Snoop Dog in Mandalorian Armor
(Image credit: Snoop Dogg Tv/YouTube)

Disney+’s The Mandalorian has been one of the most successful pieces of Star Wars content to arrive since the Mouse bought Lucasfilm. Unlike the most recent movies, fans are in near total agreement that The Mandalorian has been good, so it probably isn’t much of a shock to see the concept get parodied in a new music video that features Snoop Dogg in Mandalorian armor. 

A new music video by rap supergroup Mount Westmore for the song “Big Subwoofer” includes some major star power as both Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube lend their talents to the song. However, even non-rap fans are likely going to want to check out the video at least once, as it includes a variety of science fiction references, including Snoop Dogg flying his own version of the Razor Crest, and in full armor that looks familiar, though the color scheme is certainly original. Check out the video, though be aware that between the language and a less-than-subtle Total Recall reference, this is very NSFW. 

There are a lot more than just Star Wars references to be found in the “Big Subwoofer” video. As mentioned, there’s a callout to Total Recall, as one of the female dancers clearly has more than the traditional number of breasts, and the video leaves about as much to the imagination as the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie did. There are also dancers meant to remind us of the Na’vi from Avatar

Two of the three major locations for the video are obviously meant to make us think of Star Wars. One is a non-descript alien world. But the video also takes place in a cantina, reminiscent of of the original Star Wars, and on board Snoop’s spacecraft. It's certainly different enough from the Razor Crest, but with a guy in armor flying it, it makes it easy enough to make the connection. 

But the highlight of the video is, without question, Snoop Dogg’s Mandalorian armor. It’s a perfect replica that any cosplayer would love to get their hands on. And it’s stylized in a way that makes it look perfect on Snoop. He’s even got the helmet, though he never puts it on, which is a tragedy. 

Snoop even has a couple of cool personalized elements in the armor. The right shoulder, where the Mandalorian has his personal crest, Snoop has a stylized SD to display. He’s also sporting a very cool 213 badge on the front of his armor, which is written in a style that resembles the Star Wars alphabet of Aurebesh. The numbers are a reference to the original area code for Long Beach, CA, Snoop’s home town.

I feel like now we need a Snoop Dogg cameo in Season 3 of The Mandalorian. Probably not in this armor, I suppose it wouldn’t feel quite right, but Snoop as a Mandalorian clearly works.

Dirk Libbey
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