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A Bold Kid Asked Ryan Reynolds About Kissing Someone Who Is Not Blake Lively In The Adam Project, And It's Great

Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds in romantic moment in The Adam Project
(Image credit: Netflix)

Lately, Ryan Reynolds has been on the press circuit promoting his latest movie, The Adam Project, a family-friendly adventure flick. The movie debuted to huge viewership numbers on Netflix last weekend and, amid the hype, the Deadpool actor has been interacting with fans in recent weeks. One especially hilarious moment during a Q&A and it involves a young boy questioning him about kissing someone who's not his wife Blake Lively -- co-star Zoe Saldaña.

An adorable child took the mic during The Adam Project Q&A and asked Ryan Reynolds if it “was real” when he was “kissing the girl.” As you'd expect, Reynolds' reaction is hilarious. Check it out: 

As Netflix’s Instagram shared in the above Q&A clip, the actor was able to turn the somewhat awkward moment into an incredibly funny one. His explanation: 

I guess it was kinda real. But how do I answer this? This is being broadcast everywhere too. Um… I didn’t mean it? This is the thing, I don’t know how to explain this to my own kids, but they watch this and [go] like Daddy, what are you doing? Like it’s exactly the tactic I would use on them: not anger, but just disappointment.

Ryan Reynolds has been married to Blake Lively for nearly 10 years, and the two share three young children, who as he shares, have seen him kissing other women in movies and react with “disappointment.” Of course, he’s acting and, while he’s in character, he’s supposed to give the illusion that he's someone else and not a major celebrity who is married to Lively. Yet it can be tough for a kid to understand this, especially when the fantasy of a film feels real. 

While on his most recent press tour, kids also asked Ryan Reynolds about his “feud” with Hugh Jackman, which he used as an opportunity to jokingly say that it's “pathetic and disgusting” that the Wolverine actor insists on being called “The Greatest Showman.” Reynolds clearly loves messing around with the youth, and I suspect he enjoys their offbeat questions during press tours. They're surely novelty in a world where journalists typically question him on when we’re going to see Deadpool next

The Adam Project is Ryan Reynolds’ second collaboration with director Shawn Levy after Free Guy. Levy is probably best known for directing the Night at the Museum films and Real Steel. The Netflix adventure flick (which has interesting time travel mechanics) has been met with positive reviews and good buzz from audiences as well. A week after its release on the streaming site, The Adam Project has remained at No. 1 as well. Reynolds has to feel good knowing that all of his efforts (including his kissing scenes with the lovely Zoe Saldaña) are being appreciated by viewers of all ages.

Following The Adam Project, Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy are set to work together again on Deadpool 3, so be on the lookout for updates. And the release of the pair's latest venture, you can check out what other 2022 movies are headed to Netflix

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