A Friend Of The Family: What To Know Before You Watch The Peacock Series

Jake Lacy on A Friend of the Family
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The 2022 Fall TV schedule is full of great true crime shows, so much so that keeping track of every single one of them can be a task that is easier said than done. This is especially true when titles like Netflix’s incredibly popular series Dahmer - Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story is taking the world by storm. But while all of that is going on, another series just debuted on another platform with a story that is just as terrifying, unsettling, and maddening.

A Friend of the Family, the new multi-part limited series about one of the most infuriating kidnapping cases of the 20th Century has arrived on Peacock. If this is the first you’re hearing about the new series, or want to know what to expect before you devote several hours to its story, don’t worry because we have a quick rundown of some things to know about the show…

A Friend Of The Family Is A Drama Based On The Multiple Kidnappings Of Jan Broberg

A Friend of the Family is based on the various real-life kidnappings of Jan Broberg (Hendrix Yancey and Mckenna Grace), who was abducted by close family friend Robert Berchtold (Jake Lacy) on multiple occasions throughout her childhood.

The Events Of The Limited Series Were Previously Covered In The Netflix Documentary Abducted In Plain Sight

If the story of Jan Broberg and Robert Berchtold sounds familiar it’s because the years-long saga was the subject of 2017’s Abducted in Plain Sight. Over the course of the film, which is one of the best true crime documentaries on Netflix, the Broberg family explain how Berchtold used their kindness and trust against them to prey on their daughter all those years. The documentary also features extensive interviews with Jan Broberg, who provide key insight into the pair of kidnappings that forever changed her life.

Stream Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix.

A Friend Of The Family's First Four Episodes Premiered October 6th

Some streaming series release every episode at once while others follow a traditional TV release model with new episodes debuting each week, but A Friend of the Family does a little bit of both. The first four episodes of the limited series became available on Peacock the morning of Thursday, October 6, 2022, but the remaining five chapters will be released each week through early November.

Though Based On A True Story, The Limited Series Takes Some Creative Liberties 

A Friend of the Family is based on the true story of Jan Broberg and her run-ins with her captor, but the limited series does take some creative liberties like a lot of true crime shows. This is even acknowledged just before the end credits of the premiere in which a disclaimer pops up stating that “certain parts have been fictionalized solely for dramatic purposes.”

The Limited Series Is Rated TV-MA Due To Its Subject Matter

Considering the story and subject matter that A Friend of the Family tackles, it should come as no surprise that the limited series is rated TV-MA. According to the disclaimer that pops up when starting each episode, the show received the rating due to sexual abuse.

You can currently watch all available episodes of A Friend of the Family with a Peacock Premium subscription. If you are looking for a way to spend time between the release of each subsequent episode, there are a lot of great Peacock original series worth checking out.

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