Adam Sandler Reveals Wife's Request For His On-Screen Kiss With Jennifer Aniston In Murder Mystery 2

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as Aubrey and Nick Spitz in Murder Mystery
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Audiences have loved Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s chemistry and, as a result, the two stars have appeared in multiple movies together. Despite their professional and personal history, though, there’s still one aspect of the work that Sandler tends to be skittish around – kissing his co-star. His aversion to kissing Aniston on screen led to an unexpected note from his wife, Jackie Sandler. The Uncut Gems actor has now revealed said request for his and Aniston's smooch in the upcoming Murder Mystery 2.

The Sandlers have produced multiple projects together, including the first Murder Mystery, so the Mrs. sees quite a bit of her hubby's on-set work. And that of course, includes his recent on-screen kiss with Jennifer Aniston. Adam Sandler joked with Access Hollywood that he feels bad about his female co-stars having to kiss him, especially in front of his wife. But apparently, his wife's feelings on the matter are a bit different, as she actually encouraged him to give Aniston his best. Sandler said, exactly:

There’s a lot of that, yes. My film kisses are never as good as they possibly could be. It’s not just her, I actually feel bad for whoever I have to kiss. I’m like ‘They don’t want to be doing this.’ But I do it. Jennifer is one of my closest friends and Jackie’s closest friends. So, she’s like ‘Would you give Jennifer some sort of good time with that kiss please?’

With Jennifer Aniston and Jackie Sandler being close friends, one would assume that there's a significant level of comfort when it comes to scenes like that. That has to be a bit of a relief for Adam Sandler, even though he himself doesn't believe he's a good kisser. You have to love a wife who supports her husband in such a way. And I'm sure due to her help, Aniston and Sandler's work should be that much better. The mystery-comedy sequel wrapped but, as of this writing, Netflix has not announced an official release date for it.

The SNL alum's comments on not being a good kisser are somewhat surprising. Considering that he's made out with the likes of Kate Beckinsale, Salma Hayek, and Winona Ryder, one would think that he'd be a pro at this point. The actor has also smooched frequent co-star Drew Barrymore. Because none of his colleagues have openly complained, I'd say that the actor probably just isn't giving himself enough credit.

Before Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston kiss on screen in Murder Mystery 2, Sandler will be making out with Queen Latifah, who plays his wife in Hustle. The sports drama, which has received favorable reviews, is currently playing in select theaters and will be available to stream on June 8 with a Netflix subscription. It should firmly stand alongside the best movies on Netflix. You can also find the sports flick (and eventually the comedy sequel) on CinemaBlend's schedule of upcoming movies.

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