Murder Mystery 2 Has Wrapped, See How Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston Celebrated

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as Aubrey and Nick Spitz in Murder Mystery
(Image credit: Netflix)

I’m all about Hollywood bromances; the relationship between Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson keeps me going on my down days. But my all time favorite famous not-couple couple has to be comedy legend Adam Sandler and icon Jennifer Aniston. The two teamed up for Netflix’s Murder Mystery in 2019 after decades of friendship and the follow up to the comedic whodunit film has finally finished filming, and the two stars celebrated in the best way.

It wasn’t long ago that Jennifer Aniston was celebrating the start of filming on Murder Mystery 2 will her pal and co-star Adam Sandler, and just a couple months later she has now posted about wrapping up filming. In a video montage on Instagram, Aniston shared with fans what she and Sandler have been up to while filming the comedy, and it looks like it was a blast. You can see for yourself in the post below:

We know a good amount about Murder Mystery 2 already, and now it’s pretty clear that Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s on screen couple visited Paris for their second mystery together. Not only that, but it appears that they visited some iconic places in the city of romance. While Aniston and Sandler aren’t and never have been romantic in real life, it looks like they probably had a good time enjoying the city together off camera as friends as well. 

There are so many things to be jealous of in this one short montage video, I don’t even know where to start. First, I would give my left kidney and a few pints of blood to explore Paris with Adam Sandler. Seriously, even if a day in Paris with Sandler ended with me in a bathtub full of ice missing an organ it would still be one hell of a fun day, I’m sure. Add Jennifer Aniston in the mix and forget about it - best day ever.

Second of all, Jennifer Aniston makes working Paris look so relaxing. Filming started in January, so it didn’t take long at all to finish the work, probably meaning they had some long days and were working pretty diligently. Even so, Aniston makes it look effortless and like they genuinely had a blast on the film.

The end-of-filming celebration that appears to have been a blast to make, of course, makes me want to see the film even more. Murder Mystery 2 doesn’t have a release date quite yet, but it’s very possible we will see its release added to Netflix’s 2022 movie schedule. Murder Mystery, along with a number of other Adam Sandler films, are available right now with a Netflix subscription and will hold fans over until the upcoming Sandler/Jennifer Aniston film drops to the streaming platform.

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