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Archive 81: What To Watch If You Like The New Netflix Horror Series

Dan on the phone in green sweater in Archive 81
(Image credit: Netflix)

Archive 81 has premiered as part of the 2022 Netflix TV schedule, and just like many horror shows on Netflix before, it has captured the hearts and eyes of its audience through skillful storytelling, a captivating mystery, great acting, and some particularly gruesome, immersive horror aspects. With there already being talks of a possible Season 2, thanks to mysteries of the finale, I’m sure you’re already looking forward to when we might get to return to this fun show. 

If you’re like me, now you’re looking for a show to fill the void that Archive 81 left in your found-footage horror shaped heart. Luckily for you, there are plenty of awesome shows just like Archive 81 on Netflix, and many that have several seasons for you to enjoy. Here are some great picks down below. 

Some of the cast of Penny Dreadful.

(Image credit: Showtime)

Penny Dreadful (Showtime)

The awesome Showtime series, Penny Dreadful, is a suspenseful show that has the horror that you crave in the form of vampires, monsters, demons, and more, and the stories behind those monsters - the humans that have to endure them, and how sometimes human connection and personal demons can be even scarier than real monsters. 

Penny Dreadful is perfect for Archive 81 fans that liked the horror aspect of the Netflix series. I’ve always watched horror movies and scary shows, but Penny Dreadful is one of those series that has lingered with me as time has gone on, with its meaningful and scary stories. It’s certainly one of the best shows on Showtime, and one you should watch. 

Stream Penny Dreadful on Showtime.

The Haunting of Hill House cast

(Image credit: Netflix)

The Haunting Of Hill House (Netflix)

I’m still haunted over this show. The Haunting of Hill House, a miniseries released in 2018, follows a family that has been split apart due to their time as young children in a supposedly normal, older home. However, things started to take a turn not that long after they moved in, creating horror for them. 

For fans of Archive 81, I personally think The Haunting of Hill House is the perfect series to watch right after. Not only does it have that same horror/mystery genre that captivated you with the other series, but the acting is phenomenal. I could watch Victoria Pedretti over and over in her role as Nell. This is definitely one of Mike Flanagan’s best works of horror, and it continues to deserve the praise it gets. 

Stream The Haunting of Hill House o (opens in new tab)n Netflix. (opens in new tab)

One of the mysteries of Channel Zero.

(Image credit: Syfy)

Channel Zero (AMC+)

This show is so freaking underrated that it makes me mad. Channel Zero, an original from Syfy, is an anthology series that is based around creepypastas - otherwise known as internet urban legends that have become very popular - taking you through the mysteries behind some of the most interesting, yet horrifying, tales ever told. 

This series could have ended up becoming as big as any other horror anthology series if it was given the shot. Like Archive 81, the mystery of each of these stories is really what drives Channel Zero, because you’ll be glued to your television, clicking next episode, wanting to try and understand more as everything slowly begins to unravel. With suspense and horror, Channel Zero is fantastic. 

Stream Channel Zero on AMC+ through Amazon Prime. (opens in new tab)

Twisty in American Horror Story.

(Image credit: FX)

American Horror Story (Hulu)

With ten seasons under its belt - and a spin-off series on Hulu - American Horror Story is scary TV royalty at this point. This popular anthology series, created by Ryan Murphy, tells a new horror story every season, whether the focus be on aliens, murder houses, vampires, or something wildly different.

If the horror aspect of Archive 81 was your favorite part of the series, American Horror Story is a great second pick. While there’s no crazy mystery in most of the seasons, the horror itself is enough for any horror fan to enjoy. While the seasons are hit or miss sometimes, I still think this is a great show for anyone who likes horror stories. 

Stream American Horror Story on Hulu. (opens in new tab)

Two of the main characters of Castle Rock.

(Image credit: Hulu)

Castle Rock (Hulu)

Who do you think of when you first think of horror? For me, it’s always been Stephen King, and Castle Rock is based on his stories. This Hulu original series takes place mostly in Maine, combining popular elements from King’s works into stories that will intrigue your mind. 

I’d say if you’re going to watch one of the two seasons, check out the first, as it’s more closely related to what fans of Archive 81 are used to, in that it feels a little more mysterious. But, with the right amount of horror, it’s truly a great time for fans of the genre. Even if Castle Rock was cancelled, it’s not taking long for Hulu to get back into the King business, so maybe keep an eye on that streaming platform for your next horror binge.

Stream Castle Rock on Hulu. (opens in new tab)

Jonathan Majors in trailer for Lovecraft Country, HBO

(Image credit: HBO)

Lovecraft Country (HBO Max)

You want a really mysterious horror show? Check out Lovecraft Country from HBO. This show takes a twist on the popular stories of H.P. Lovecraft, a famous writer of horror, science fiction, and fantasy novels, creating new mysteries and compelling characters from beginning to end. 

To this day, I’ll never understand why Lovecraft Country was cancelled after one season. It had all the elements that horror fans - especially those who have watched Archive 81 - would enjoy. From the mysteries to the strange monsters, and the intriguing story that followed through every episode, it was such a piece of great work. I think for fans of Archive 81, this is certainly a fun one to check out next. 

Stream Lovecraft Country on HBO Max.

Eleven after removing the parasite in Stranger Things.

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Stranger Things (Netflix)

I’m sure you’ve heard of Stranger Things. This horror sci-fi drama takes place in the eighties in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. Strange things begin to happen when a young boy, Will Byers, mysteriously goes missing, and a weird girl with telepathic powers shows up. 

While I would say that Stranger Things leans more into sci-fi than horror, I will say that for fans of Archive 81, the overarching mysteries that Stranger Things offers each season are truly some of the best on TV. The Stranger Things cast is talented as heck, and the seasons are just as fun to re-watch. We know Stranger Things Season 4 is on the way in 2022, so now is the perfect time to binge. 

Stream Stranger Things on Netflix. (opens in new tab)

Rupert Grint in Servant.

(Image credit: Apple TV+)

Servant (Apple TV+)

Another fantastic horror/drama series, this time from Apple TV+. Servant is a wonderful psychological horror series taking place in Philadelphia, where a couple has hired a nanny for their son, but as soon as this nanny arrives, strange things begin to happen and their lives begin to turn upside down. 

The fact that M. Night Shyamalan produced this show should speak volumes about how mysterious it is - which is why it’s perfect for fans of Archive 81. The show's mystery is paced well, and works with some pretty disturbing psychological horror that sticks with you, creating an all-around fantastic horror experience. It’s certainly one of the best shows on Apple TV+, and a show you should watch if horror is your favorite genre. 

Stream Servant on Apple TV+.  (opens in new tab)

monsignor pruitt standing in front of church on midnight mass

(Image credit: Netflix)

Midnight Mass (Netflix)

Another Mike Flanagan entry on this list, Midnight Mass was the horror miniseries of 2021 that we all needed. It tells the story of a young priest suddenly coming to a remote island, but as soon as he arrives, weird things begin to occur and people begin to disappear mysteriously. 

If you were a fan of the mystery of Archive 81 and The Haunting of Hill House, this show is a great combination of the horror and mystery of both. I think Mike Flanagan really upped the horror factor for this miniseries, and created a mystery that genuinely had me scratching my head in confusion and wanting to get to the next episode because I needed to know what happened. The finale leaves you with even more questions. I think I’m in need of a Season 2 of this show. It’s so good.  

Stream Midnight Mass on Netflix. (opens in new tab)

Shahadi Wright Joseph in Them.

(Image credit: Amazon Prime)

Them (Amazon Prime)

This Amazon Prime original show not only combines horror, but social commentary as well. Them, taking place in the 1950s in Los Angeles, follows a black family that moves to a suburb that is primarily white. But, besides the daily struggle they face simply for their skin color, more horrible, dastardly things begin to happen that disrupt their own home. 

Them is a great show that has so much mystery and some really cool horror aspects, which is why it’s perfect for fans of Archive 81. If you’re able to see past the mystery and horror aspects of the show, it offers some serious commentary on race relations, violence, and more. It’s not for everyone, but I think it’s definitely worth a shot to watch. 

Stream Them on Amazon Prime. (opens in new tab)

Matt Dillon in Wayward Pines.

(Image credit: Fox)

Wayward Pines (Amazon Prime) 

Last but not least, we have Wayward Pines. This supernatural horror mystery series follows a Secret Service agent who travels to the titular location in search of two other agents who have mysteriously gone missing. As soon as he arrives, he finds that there is no way he can ever leave. At least not while he’s still breathing. 

I’m always going to be upset that this show only got two seasons, because it genuinely has so much going for it that fans of Archive 81 would enjoy. The mystery is top tier, the monsters are genuinely terrifying, and Matt Dillon is awesome as the lead. If you have the chance to watch this show, be sure to give it the love that it deserved back then. 

Stream Wayward Pines on Amazon Prime. (opens in new tab)

Writing about this just makes me want Archive 81 Season 2 that much more. Well, at least I have all these other shows to keep busy until we maybe get some news on that. Happy binging!

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