Below Deck Down Under’s Jamie Sayed Reveals Whether He And Magda Ziomek Tried For A Relationship After Her Breakup

screenshots of Jamie Sayud and Magda Ziomek on Below Deck: Down Under
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Below Deck Down Under, the newest entry to the fan-favorite Bravo franchise, is certainly making a big splash. Set off the coast of Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef, the Peacock streaming series has all the makings of classic Below Deck, including co-worker drama, demanding primary guests and tumultuous boatmances. The season isn’t closed out just yet for viewers but, for the cast, it is. And bosun Jamie Sayed is going ahead with an update about whether or not he and his co-star Magda Ziomek tried for a relationship after her off-screen breakup.

Early on, it looked like things might get spicy (as they tend to become on Below Deck) between the two. Jamie Sayed and Magda Ziomek, in fact, canoodled a bit in the hot tub during the premiere episode. What Sayed didn’t know at the time, but eventually learned not long after, was that Ziomek was in a 5-month-long relationship with a boyfriend back in Poland. A lot has happened on and off camera since then, including the fact that her prior romance fizzled out. Speaking to Distractify, the reality TV newbie shared if their relatively short-lived situationship gained traction with that information coming to light, saying:

No, within the first three days that was done and dusted.

Magda Ziomek initially stated on Down Under that her boyfriend back home was her “soulmate” or, at least, “for now” he was. Fans have witnessed the cast member struggle to hold down the relationship all season amidst the constant demands of her work on a super-yacht and being so far away from each other. Ultimately, the third stew reflected to TV Insider:

It was hard for me to explain to him because he didn't know the yachting industry. I was trying to balance it... I was trying my best to keep both sides happy. Perspective now, I wouldn't do the same thing again.

It isn’t clear if Jamie Sayed is dating someone else currently, someone who is perchance both available and not a co-worker. His relationship status was kept tightly under wraps, but he did affirm once again to the outlet, though, that there was “no pursuit” of Magda Ziomek following her breakup. But interestingly, they still kept in touch after filming Below Deck Down Under. The freshman star clarified their relationship further, adding:

We were just good friends. We've met up in person since, and we've had laughs and drinks together and all that, but no, there's none of that relationship happening. I see her more like a sister.

A sister, who you just happened to get very up close and personal with in a hot tub? I don’t know about that, but crazier endgames have indeed happened where boatmances are concerned. Take Below Deck Down Under’s chief stew, Aesha Scott, who famously took up a fling with her former co-star Jack Stirrup on the Mediterranean spinoff, only for it to end in serious betrayal. And need I even mention the Sailing Yacht paternity scandal between Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux in Season 2?

I guess being just friends or sibling-adjacent after a failed romantic overture is better than those chaotic situations, overall. Stay tuned for what transpires in the final episodes of Below Deck Down Under, which streams on Thursdays and is available with a Peacock Premium subscription.

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