Billie Eilish’s Simpsons Short Pokes Fun At The Singer Swallowing Spiders And Frequently Changing Her Hair

Billie Eilish singing Happier Than Ever at the 2022 Grammys and Billie Eilish and Lisa in Simpsons short When Billie Met Lisa
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Billie Eilish has hit a lot of milestones as of late. The singer recently won an Oscar for her theme tune in No Time To Die and became the youngest artist to ever be a Coachella headliner, at this year’s festival. To add to the list, Eilish has been animated into a The Simpsons short that just arrived on Disney+. The new release features some fitting jokes about the “Happier Than Ever” singer too. 

The three-minute short is called “When Billie Met Lisa” and is available to stream exclusively with a Disney+ subscription. It follows Lisa, who is just trying to get some saxophone practice in. When her whole family drives her out of her house, Lisa decides to go to a freeway underpass to get some peaceful practice in. It’s there where a Simpson-ified Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell appear on a mission to find where that music is coming from. Billie finds Lisa and here is her reaction: 

Lisa crying in When Billie Met Lisa short The Simpsons on Disney+

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Of course Lisa is a Billie Eilish fan. I can’t explain it but it just makes sense. Anyways, from there The Simpsons short uses its time to parody the young singer in a lot of smart ways. For example, over the course of the episode, her hair changes multiple times. It starts off in her iconic lime green and black and then is switched up throughout the episode. The singer has become well known for changing up the color and style of her hair so much that we can’t keep up anymore. 

Billie Eilish hair joke in When Billie Met Lisa Simpsons short

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Billie hires Lisa to work with her on a song during the short and another particularly great joke that comes out of it is spiders randomly coming out her mouth. During “When Billie Met Lisa” the singer quips to give Lisa the tip that “when you shoot a music video with spiders in your mouth, make sure they don’t lay eggs.” It's a fun reference to the time the singer really worked with spiders for her 2018 music video for “you should see me in the crown.” 

Billie Eilish with spiders in Simpsons short and you should see me in the crown music video

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Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell voiced themselves for The Simpsons short. O’Connell also has a fun scene with Bart, where he tries to understand why he’s always helping his sister. There are also cute animations of their parents, who serve an important role in their lives and careers. As her 2021 documentary showed, they are with her every step of the way

With “When Billie Met Lisa,” the singer continues to build quite the library with Disney+. She previously made the concert film Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles along with writing the 4*Town music in Turning Red. Having your own The Simpsons moment is a whole other level of fame she’s just reached. 

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