Bly Manor Star Tweeted About How Henry Cavill Should Do Warhammer, Then Responded After His Dreams Come True

Rahul Kohli in Haunting of Bly Manor/Henry Cavill in Enola Holmes
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It has to have been a strange few weeks for Henry Cavill. Following the release of Black Adam fans, and one assumes Cavill himself, were excited by the fact that the actor was returning to the role of Superman, but just as quickly as that news came out, it died when Cavill and new DC Studios chief James Gunn confirmed that it’s not happening after all. 

Considering the end of Cavil’s time as Superman following the news that he will not be returning to play The Witcher for Netflix after Season 3, that’s two major franchises the actor is no longer part of. The situation prompted Bly Manor  actor Rahul Kohli to tweet a joke that he and Cavill should just go make a Warhammer movie or series, knowing of Cavill's well known love of the IP. At the time, it was a joke, but now Kohli is laughing at his own joke following the news that Cavill is part of a new Warhammer series for Amazon.

I saw the initial tweet from Kohli and so when I saw the news about the Warhammer series I honestly figured out the one was a setup for the announcement of the series, and yet, apparently not. It’s understandable why somebody, who is probably also a Warhammer fan, would suggest that Cavill do that. It’s fairly well known that the now-former Superman is a huge nerd and actually a huge fan of the property himself. 

While not specifically stated in the tweet, it sounds like Rahul Kohli is also a Warhammer fan, and he certainly made it clear, even in jest, that he’d be up for being part of any show set in that world. The good news is that based on the initial reveal from Henry Cavill, it looks like this whole project is in very early stages, and he also teases Warhammer as a cinematic universe, so there’s a good chance that Kohli will have a shot at being part of a future Warhammer project if things go well. 

While fans of Henry Cavill’s other big franchise roles are certainly unhappy that he won’t be continuing as either Geralt of Rivia or Superman, there’s certainly evidence to suggest that he wasn’t incredibly happy in those projects to begin with. Cavill is a big fan of Warhammer and he’s going to be producing this show for Amazon, so he’ll have a significant amount of creative control, meaning this will probably be exactly what he wants from a Warhammer project. In the end, this probably where Cavill would want to be, and now he doesn’t have other major commitments that will get in the way of him making exactly the Warhammer creation that he dreams of.  

If you're hoping to check out Henry Cavill's Warhammer project when it premieres at some point, be sure that you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Dirk Libbey
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