Bridgerton Season 2 Star Reveals The Line Fans Obsess Over Is Not The One The Cast Thought They Would

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When it comes to Netflix’s Regency-era series Bridgerton, things can get a little hot and bothered under the corset. One of the biggest contributors to that level of swoon-worthiness is in fact the romantic lines that inevitably become emblematic for a season. In Season 1, it was the Duke of Hastings (played by Regé-Jean Page) saying, “I burn for you.” Season 2 is out now, but its new lead reveals that the one line fans are obsessing over at the moment isn’t quite the one the cast thought would pop off.

It's not a huge spoiler, per say, because technically Twitter has already been tweeting up a storm about the sexy new line. Anthony Bridgerton (played by Jonathan Bailey) says to his new love interest of Season 2, “You are the bane of my existence…and the object of all my desires.” Decent, respectable even. However, Bailey told Entertainment Weekly that the cast predicted an earlier piece of dialogue to be the one-hit wonder, saying:

We thought that 'You vex me' would become a thing, actually. Sometimes you hear a catchphrase. I thought it would be 'Newton!'

…Newton being the scene-stealing Corgi cast member. Personally, I thought the line making all the rounds wasn’t as I-burn-for-you-level as, say, that “all the ways a lady can be seduced” one or Daphne imparting on souls bursting into blames, but I digress. Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey added to the outlet that, after the huge success of the first season, it’s kind of hard not to be in on the hunt for the best proclamations along with the fanbase. He said:

The only problem with being in the second season of something like Bridgerton is you begin to think that you can hear the soundbites. It's so weird because in series one we didn't understand the aesthetic of the show. We hadn't seen it in its full glory, but suddenly, now, you see the person you're playing opposite as if they're actually on the screen. It was all a bit weird.

There are a few other things, though, that are tickling the fans’ fancies beyond steamy dialogue. Particularly, the Internet is loving all the South Asian representation at the forefront of the second season. Likewise, they were also heavily anticipating the return of the catchy instrumentals set down in the original season. Have no fear, dear reader, there's a great list of pop song covers in Season 2 that will surely become everyone’s next ringtone.

For those of us who’ve totally binge-watched the show in its entirety, the focus now turns to the future. This includes the news of a Queen Charlotte prequel, a behind-the-scenes shakeup ahead of Season 3, along with yet another departure besides that of Regé-Jean Page’s. More news could be on the way soon but, for now, find Bridgerton Season 2 and all the other objects of your streaming desires within Netflix’s lineup of best television shows.

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