Bridgerton Seeing A BTS Shake-Up After Season 2, And A Queer Romance Is Involved

Bridgerton on Netflix
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The much-anticipated second season of Netflix’s hit regal drama Bridgerton has finally dropped, and fans watched Anthony Bridgerton’s romantic journey. With two more seasons already in the works, we’ll be able to see other Bridgerton kids find their forever afters, but Season 3 will be without creator Chris Van Dusen at the helm. However, it is for a good reason, and a queer romance is involved.

Ahead of Bridgerton’s Season 2 premiere, Van Dusen spoke to RadioTimes about his departure and clarified that he is still staying on as executive producer. The creator also revealed the reasoning for his exit: he is adapting the young adult novel They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera.

The novel, first published in 2017, follows two teenage boys who discover they only have one day left to live. Three years after it was released, the book found popularity again on TikTok. There isn’t much known about the TV adaptation, but it shouldn’t be hard to get it picked up and going with Silvera being a famous YA author. Van Dusen admitted why he wanted to be part of the project and what he really thinks of it:

That is this lovely, beautiful, devastating, but still uplifting book about a queer romance, and I really wanted to dig in that world. It's something I've been chasing for a long time and I'm so excited to be working with the book's author and with eOne and yes – stay tuned.

One can never have too many queer romances, and it seems like Chris Van Dusen will lead this project delicately. Along with Bridgerton, he also worked on Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, so he definitely has experience being part of a major series. If done right, They Both Die at the End could become the next big series. And I’m excited to see what happens! 

It will be interesting to see how different Bridgerton will be without Chris Van Dusen, but since he is still going to be an executive producer, it likely won’t be too much of a difference aside from the different storyline for Season 3. Hopefully, we’ll see someone from the Netflix series on They Both Die at the End, but for now, we just need it picked up.

Meanwhile, now that Season 2 of Bridgerton has premiered, along with some South Asian representation, it’s time to look forward to Season 3 and the prequel series. Jess Brownell is set to be taking over as showrunner for the upcoming third season, which will likely be based on the third book in the Bridgerton novel series, An Offer from a Gentleman, following Benedict Bridgerton’s quest for love.

With no release date as of yet for either Bridgerton Season 3 or They Both Die at the End, all we can do is wait and hope we get some news soon. In the meantime, the first two seasons of Bridgerton are streaming on Netflix if you want to relive some steamy regency love. And look out for Seasons 3 and 4 coming soon!

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