Bridgerton Star Opens Up After Hospitalization, Shares New Message Thanking Netflix Show For Support

Ruby Barker in Season 1 of Bridgerton
(Image credit: Netflix)

Shondaland’s Bridgerton nearly broke Netflix when Season 1 of the scandalous series dropped to the streaming platform at the end of 2020, and the second season fared no differently when it landed on Netflix’s 2022 TV schedule, and in fact was even more popular. Stars of the series have talked about filming sex scenes, using an intimacy coordinator, and the diversity in the series, but star Ruby Barker has recently opened up about difficulties she has faced since Bridgerton. After leaving a mental health hospital, Barker shares a new, more positive message with many thanks for the support coming from her Bridgerton family.

For background, Ruby Barker first shared a 5-minute video recorded within the mental health hospital she was at shortly before being discharged. In the video, the actress was very raw and transparent in opening up about her mental health struggles, saying she had been unwell for quite some time and that she is feeling better but needs to take a break in order to heal herself. She also stressed the importance of support, seeking help, and getting a diagnosis when applicable. 

As a follow-up to that first explanatory video from almost a week prior, Ruby Barker has now opened up once more with a new message, and it’s one of great thanks. You can check out her Instagram video below, where Barker is looking happy, healthy, and full of gratitude for all the people who showed her love and support after she sent out her first video:

A lot of gratitude seems to flowing to and from her Shondaland and Bridgerton family, as a number of fellow cast and crew members reached out to her following the first message, like Kathryn Drysdale and showrunner Chris Van Dusen who commented on the first video. Ruby Barker also thanks a whole host of people, including her followers, the team at the hospital, and her loved ones.

It’s easy to forget that the people we see on our favorite shows or just on screen in general are real people with real issues. Being an actor who's successful in any venture doesn’t magically balance one's mental health, and plenty of actors struggle with anxiety and depression, among other common mental health diagnoses. 

Ruby Barker’s transparency when talking about her recent struggles, and the gratitude felt from the feedback is incredibly refreshing. What is even more admirable about Barker’s message is that she is educating and stressing the importance of seeking help and support. Mental health is still seen as taboo by plenty, and could have potentially had a negative effect on Barker’s career for coming out with her struggles and revealing that she was hospitalized and has a diagnosis, which is a very real fear for many. 

Judging by the overwhelming support that Ruby Barker has received, we can only hope that the future of her career is rewarded for her bravery and openness. For now, though, it sounds like she’s going to take it easy and focus on not being so hard on herself. You can see Barker on both seasons of Bridgerton if you’ve got a Netflix subscription, and she has finished filming on her role in the film Baghead that fans can look forward to in the future. We wish her continued success in her mental health journey, and hope things continue to move forward positively for her.

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