Bridgerton's Showrunner Reveals Why We Didn't See Kate And Anthony's Wedding, And I Totally Get It

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Bridgerton Season 2 SPOILERS ahead, so tread lightly!

Across its two seasons, Bridgerton has been very good about giving viewers everything we love in a good romance. There’s lots of longing, incredibly hot banter for fans to obsess over, people realizing how intense their feelings for another are, and, obviously, some of the sexiest sex scenes. This includes what we saw from Bridgerton Season 2, with many amazing moments from Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton. But, what we don’t get to see is their wedding, as the finale skips past that blessed event by several months. Now, Bridgerton’s showrunner has revealed why we weren’t witnesses to Kate and Anthony’s wedding, and I do totally get his reasoning.

Why Bridgerton Didn’t Show Kate And Anthony’s Wedding

If you assumed that we’d all be able to watch Kate and Anthony walk down the aisle and pledge their undying love to one another in front of friends and family, you can bet that you’re not alone. Bridgerton Season 1 gave us the wedding of Daphne and the Duke of Hastings about halfway through its set of episodes, but we were afforded no such treat with Anthony and Kate. In a chat with TV Line, showrunner Chris Van Dusen opened up about the reasoning behind that decision, and said:

Tonally speaking, we wondered how Kate and Anthony’s wedding would compare. The Queen sponsored Edwina and Anthony’s wedding, and she wasn’t going to do it twice. There is also the Kate and Edwina bond. Her sisterly love story with Kate was just as important as the main love story between Anthony and Kate.

I mean, if you can remove yourself from the inherent disappointment of not watching the main romantic pairing of Bridgerton Season 2 get hitched, with us only getting Anthony daydreaming about the event (as seen in the photo above), you will probably agree with what Van Dusen had to say, as I certainly do. 

While I was quite surprised to not even see a small ceremony for Anthony and Kate, I did immediately realize that we’d already had an entire episode centered on the failed wedding of Anthony and Kate’s little sister, Edwina, and it was a doozy. As you might remember, it was during the ceremony when Edwina (who had totally fallen in love with Anthony) finally saw that her intended and her own sister had very clear pants feelings for each other. 

Edwina eventually called the whole thing off (leading to some pleasure-focused sexytimes for Kate and Anthony). And, as Van Dusen noted, theirs was no small affair; everyone who was even a little bit important was in attendance, and Queen Charlotte arranged everything. How could any ceremony we saw for Kate and Anthony compare to that, especially after the embarrassment they caused?

I wholeheartedly agree that it was best to keep Anthony and Kate’s (probably very simple) wedding ceremony off screen, if for no other reason than to not have to see Edwina watch her sister marry her former fiancé. 

Luckily, if you need more Kanthony time, both will be back for Bridgerton Season 3, and it sounds like they might have additional things to work through, and I’m 100% ready for all of that romantic drama!

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