Bridgerton's New Star Talks Difference In Sex Scenes From Her Time On Sex Education, And What She Learned

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After a very long wait, Bridgerton is nearly back! And, fans around the globe are dying to feast their eyeballs on all the Regency-era balls, dramatic arguments, new characters, and the sure-to-be delightful brand new romance at the center of the upcoming episodes. Many of the sexiest scenes in question will now involve Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony Bridgerton and Bridgerton Season 2 cast new-comer, Simone Ashley, as Kate Sharma. Ashley has now opened up about the difference in sex scenes for Bridgerton compared to her other Netflix show, Sex Education, and what she learned on the period drama.

How Did Simone Ashley Say Bridgerton Sex Scenes Differ From Those On Sex Education?

While starring in the second season of Bridgerton will surely help propel actress Simone Ashley into a new level of fame, she’s hardly a complete stranger to the spotlight. For three seasons, Ashley played the conceited and casually cruel popular girl Olivia on Sex Education, which saw her engage in some intriguing sex scenes on the teen dramedy. Seeing as how she’s now half of the latest Bridgerton supercouple, we can expect Ashley to be a part of some of the sexytimes on that mega-successful series as well, and she recently spoke to Glamour about how adult scenes on the two shows are different, saying:

Bridgerton is hot and sexy and steamy. On Sex Education, that wasn't really our objective. We wanted to show 16-year-olds or adults in the show having real sex and facing real-life problems and whatever might happen. Bridgerton's more romantic than that.

Ah, yes. If you happen to be a fan of both Sex Education and Bridgerton, you’ll know that this clarification from Ashley does ring true. The focus of the former show has always been the sexual and romantic learning curve that all of the characters have to go through as they grow up or embark on new relationships, whatever their ages might be. So, the sex scenes on that series tends to be funny or downright awkward as everyone learns about themselves, their partners, and / or the knocking of boots.

Meanwhile, Bridgerton is known for being happy-bang central, with many episodes showing off a veritable cornucopia of potential bodily pleasures for several characters. With that comes much in the way of romantic talk and deed, and a whole host of Bridgertons, their friends, and romantic interests burning for at least one person.

Ashley also reflected on what she learned while filming those very different Bridgerton sex scenes, and working with the show’s intimacy coordinator:

I learned some stuff from her. Whatever the position might have been, she would say, ‘Well, let's make sure that this is happening so that the woman comes as well.’

While the article notes that it sounded as though Simone Ashley was joking when she said she “learned some stuff” from Bridgerton’s intimacy coordinator, Lizzy Talbot, I can also see where that wouldn’t be too far off from the truth. With Ashley being so used to filming sex scenes where the character’s insecurities or inexperience tend to make pleasure for either party difficult, she probably wouldn’t immediately think about such things when working to help craft the sex scenes she’s in.

At any rate, it won’t be long now before we’ll get our fill of what Ashley and her new Bridgerton cohorts have to show us in Season 2, with it coming to Netflix on March 25. Until then be sure to look into other recently aired and upcoming romantic TV shows, see what else is coming to the 2022 Netflix TV schedule, and investigate all of the 2022 TV premiere dates we have so far! 

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