Bridgerton: The Best Kate And Anthony Moments From Season 2

Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley in Bridgerton Season 2
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Bridgerton Season 2 introduced viewers to Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). She is headstrong, intelligent, and the “bane” of Anthony's (Jonathan Bailey) existence. Over the course of eight episodes, Bridgerton fans watched Kate and Anthony fall head over heels in love. It was the perfect regency romance to binge watch on Netflix. 

We thought Bridgerton Season 1 had great swoon-worthy moments, but Kate and Anthony in Bridgerton Season 2 had us cheering with delight every time they graced the screen. There were so many great Kate and Anthony moments from Bridgerton Season 2, but these were some of our favorites.

Warning Bridgerton Season 2 Spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution. 

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey as Kate and Anthony in Bridgerton Season 2

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The Second I Hate You/I Love You Speech (An Unthinkable Fate)

If it’s one thing you have to appreciate about Anthony, it is that he knows how to make words ever so sexy. After Kate’s secret about why she’s been so insistent about Anthony and Edwina's (Charithra Chandran) marriage comes to light, Anthony tries to use it as an excuse to call off the engagement. After the pair argue about this, he admits that he’s really trying to stop the marriage because of her.

Anthony gives a speech that would make Mr. Darcy quite proud. In the speech, he tells Kate that she is torturing him. Merely being in her presence is making him question his honor as a gentleman. He then utters the best lines ever said on Bridgerton, “you are the bane of my existence... and the object of all my desires.” Those are some hot words. 

Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley on Bridgerton

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The First Kiss (The Choice)

Bridgerton Season 2 may have had less important sex scenes but it’s just as steamy as the first season. It may be even more so as the show chose to really make fans wait for Kate and Anthony to get together. Coordinated intimate scenes were replaced with longing stares. Fans finally got to see some actual physical contact between Kate and Anthony in Bridgerton Season 2, Episode 6 “The Choice.”

Like any good star-crossed lovers, they ruined a wedding. Then Kate spoke about standing still and waiting, before the pair uncontrollably ran into each other’s arms and shared their first kiss. For any other couple, the kiss may have ended their dilemma, but as Kate and Anthony are extremely stubborn, fans had to wait a few more episodes before they truly gave into their feelings for each other.

Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley as Anthony and Kate in Bridgerton

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 The Bee Sting (A Bee In Your Bonnet)

In this season of Bridgerton, we learn that Anthony witnessed his father (Rupert Evans) die from a bee allergy. This moment has led to many of Anthony's decisions, good or bad, including his utter dedication to his family.

It has also apparently led to an irrational fear of bees. While once again arguing, a bee appears and stings Kate. Anthony goes into a panic trying to ensure that she’s all right. She then tries to calm him down by placing his hand on her heart where the bee stung her. It’s another moment of hot staring and both wondering if they should continue to ignore their growing attraction and feelings.

This was only the third episode of the season so clearly they ignored all the signs saying “kiss already.” However, this scene gave fans a teaser on how the Bridgerton Season 2 cast was going to make the art of longing a thing again.

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey in Bridgerton

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The First I Love You/I Hate You Speech (Victory)

This was less of a speech and more heavy breathing and words lingering. Kate tells Anthony that she’s going back to India. He gets himself in a tizzy and then says that she hates him. She agrees. However, it looks less like hate and more like something between lust and love. They once again almost kiss and possibly head toward something sexy that could compete with Bridgerton Season 1’s sexiest moments. 

Before he could forget that he’s a gentleman and that his heart is with her sister, Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) accidentally interrupts their moment. This is another moment where we want them to freaking kiss already but also to wait it out. He does plan to propose to her sister and all. They have to at least hold out until the wedding is inevitably called off.

Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley in Bridgerton Season 2

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Sexy Times In The Garden (Harmony)

The Bridgerton Season 2 team clearly took some of the criticisms about the sex scenes seriously, because there was far less of them in this season. In my opinion, Bridgerton Season 2 was better for this reduction. In the end, Bridgerton finally gave Kate and Anthony fans one extremely sexy sex scene between the pair. After six episodes of toying with the idea, the couple took to the garden to finally release that sexual frustration.

It was definitely not a family friendly scene.  The sex was so good that Anthony was immediately ready to put a ring on it the morning after, but then a pesky little accident once again delayed Kate and Anthony from accepting their love for one another and marrying. It did, however, teach us to not ride our horses in the rain.

Before they became intimate, team pretty words got plenty of those in this scene, and lots of “but we shouldn’t,” before they finally gave in to their desires. The moment was worth the wait. 

Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley as Anthony and Kate in Bridgerton Season 2

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Getting Down In The Mud (A Bee In Your Bonnet)

Kate and Anthony are such a good pair because in many ways, they have the same issues. One of those issues is competitiveness. We see this most when Anthony and Kate face off during a game of Pall mall. They’re trying hard to beat each other. It’s very fun to watch.

They then end up looking for their balls in the mud, which leads to one of their most playful moments. This whole Pall Mall scene is then mirrored at the end of the season.

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey in Bridgerton Season 2

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Kate And Anthony's First Public Dance After The Wedding Scandal  (The Viscount Who Loved Me)

Kate and Anthony share a dance at the Featherington ball. It’s the first time that the pair has been seen together by proper society. The gossip starts, but Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) shuts it down.

It’s a small scene but it’s the one that officially opens the door for them to be together without having to worry about hurting anyone or bringing shame to their families. They also force everyone to publicly watch their chemistry, which has to make some single ladies at the ball pretty envious. 

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey as Kate and Anthony in Bridgerton Season 2

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Kate Joins The Bridgertons (The Viscount Who Loved Me)

Bridgerton Season 2 ends with Kate and Anthony happily married. It also shows Kate already fully integrated into the Bridgerton family by playing Pall Mall with them.

We also got to see how Kate and Anthony will be obnoxiously in love next season. It was a good reminder of the family dynamic that we love so much, just with a new addition. 

Since Kate and Anthony should be around for Bridgerton Season 3 and 4, we’re sure we’ll get plenty of more great Kate and Anthony moments. This time as a married couple. Maybe they can also help the other Bridgerton siblings find their perfect matches.

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