Carnival Row Season 2: 6 Quick Things We Know About The Series

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in Carnival Row.
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I know you’ve been waiting for it. I have to. Let’s all say it together - Where the hell is Carnival Row Season 2?

The neo-noir fantasy show premiered on Amazon Prime Video back in 2019, and has since been making fans wait for any kind of update on the popular series about magical creatures living in a dystopian human society. While there hasn’t been much that has come out regarding the second season, we do know six quick things that we can tell you about right now. 

Cara Delevingne on Carnival Row

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Carnival Row Season 2 Does Not Have A Release Date - But Will Come Out In 2022 

I know, I know, we’re all hoping that Carnival Row Season 2 will premiere in time for the 2022 TV schedule, and actually, that does seem to be the case! While there hasn’t been a set release date that has been revealed for when Carnival Row is going to come out on the popular streamer, Deadline did confirm that Season 2 of Carnival RowI would drop on Amazon Prime Video at some point in this year. 

While this isn’t any kind of confirmation of when exactly the show will come out, it’s at least a big step in the right direction after such a long wait. Hopefully, it won’t be much longer before we get to see our favorite, attractive fairytale creatures in way too-tight corsets team up with detectives once again. 

Orlando Bloom in Carnival Row.

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Carnival Row Season 2 Has Wrapped Production

I’m sure you’re probably wondering if Carnival Row has wrapped its production on Season 2, and thankfully, I am here to tell you that it has. While it was previously announced back in 2019 that production had started on Season 2 of Carnival Row, this was, predictably, halted because of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, filming did eventually resume during the latter half of 2021, and as of September 16, 2021, Carnival Row Season 2 wrapped production. On the official Twitter page for the show, fans and followers were treated to some behind the scenes pictures of cast members, so that we could all celebrate the official last day of production. 

Even though production has been done for some time now, I’m not surprised that it has taken quite a while for the show to premiere. It takes a lot of effort to make those fae wings look as realistic as possible, as well as add all of those special effects, so be patient. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a trailer soon enough!

The two main characters of Carnival Row.

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Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne And More Are Expected To Return 

While there hasn’t been an official cast list revealed for Carnival Row Season 2 just yet, we can, at the very least, expect that both Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, who play Rycroft Philostrate (another fun fantasy character for Bloom) and Vignette Stonemoss respectively, will be returning for the next chapter of the neo-noir fantasy story, considering they were seen in the behind the scenes pictures from the previously mentioned official tweet. 

Other members of the cast who are expected to return at Simon McBurney, David Gyasi, Tamzin Merchant, Andrew Gower, Karla Crome, Arty Froushan, and Caroline Ford, respectively. Again, nothing has been confirmed and there is no trailer as of this writing, but since no one has denied their involvement, we can at the very least hope they all come back for Season 2. 

Jamie Harris in Carnival Row.

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Jamie Harris Has Been Promoted To Series Regular in Season 2

One cast member, however, will definitely return, as he has been promoted for Season 2 of Carnival Row. Jamie Harris, who plays Sergeant Dombey, has been upgraded to a series regular, according to Deadline.

Dombey was certainly an important character in Season 1 of Carnival Row, working as a police officer who didn’t like the change in life with fairies and pix constantly coming into the city that he loves, and creating mayhem for all those who crossed him. It’ll be interesting to see where the second season of Carnival Row takes him and what might happen next for his character. 

The two main characters of Carnival Row.

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The Plot Of Carnival Row Season 2 Is Unknown 

As predicted, we don’t know that much about Season 2 of Carnival Row, but there are plenty of leads as to what we think might happen after that finale. 

We know from the Carnival Row Season 1 ending that one of the big conclusions is that the government is working on a new segregation plan to properly separate magical creatures and regular humans. So, Philo decided to run off with Vignette so they could actually be together, which is sure to play and important part in the upcoming season. 

Another storyline that I’m sure we will be returning to are Agreus and Imogen (played by David Gyasi and Tamzin Merchant), who sailed off together to a safer place to be live their lives, but were ordered to return. However, they refused. These two love stories are sure to be expanded on as the political world of the mythological creatures and the humans continues to cause conflict. 

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in Carnival Row.

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Carnival Row Season 2 Will Have A New Showrunner

Something else that is brand new info for fans of the fantasy show is that Carnival Row Season 2 is going to have a completely new showrunner. According to Deadline, Erik Oleson has stepped into the shoes of showrunner now, as both Marc Guggenheim and Travis Beacham have exited the series. 

While it is nerve-racking to see a completely new person take over such a huge world filled with such fantastical creatures and complex storylines, I have full faith in Oleson that he’ll do Carnival Row justice. Erik Oleson has worked on several major shows in the past, including the hit Marvel series, Daredevil, which recently synched up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s also worked on shows like Unforgettable, Arrow, and more, so I have a feeling that Carnival Row is in safe hands. 

While there’s still no footage from Season 2 out yet as of writing this, I’m sure it won’t be long before we get to see this fantasy world again. We must remain patient and keep waiting. In the meantime, if you want to re-watch the series (like I have), be sure to check out Carnival Row on Amazon Prime. 

Stream Carnival Row on Amazon Prime. 

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