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Chris Hemsworth Shares Funny Video While Trying To Relax On Break During Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
(Image credit: Netflix)

Nature can be a beautiful place to take stock of life and really breathe a little deeper. Everyone needs that sort of an opportunity now and then, even if you’re an action star and the cinematic son of Odin. That just isn’t in the cards for Chris Hemsworth, as he shared a funny video, while trying to relax, on a break during the filming of Netflix’s sequel Extraction 2. Though the continuation of the studio’s unexpected 2020 hit is well underway, it seems that peace and quiet may be a little too much to ask for.

Our star can be spotted in a snowy locale through his latest Instagram post, and it all started out scenic enough. Waxing poetic on the “pristine untouched ecosystems” that he currently calls his workplace, Chris Hemsworth’s message slipped a little bit, which is where the hilarity ensued. Take a look at nature’s splendor, quirks and all: 

Can you still feel the rhythmic beeping of that massive truck in your soul? Mr. Hemsworth definitely does, and it’s given him yet another chance to show off his healthy sense of humor. Keeping his head on a swivel, the man is ready for action; which is just where he needs to be, as Extraction 2 comes at a pretty exciting time in the history of both its franchise and studio. 

A massive hit upon its release in the early days of the pandemic, Extraction broke records as well as it did faces. With a purposefully ambiguous ending, director Sam Hargrave’s first installment left audiences to speculate how Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake fared after his spectacular rescue mission. Ambiguity flew far out of the window and into another realm when Extraction 2 was announced, alongside the intent of the film’s writing team of the Russo Bros to build an entire Extraction universe.

That Marvel mindset is already facing some steep competition, as the pecking order of the Netflix landscape has changed. Even if fans are most likely still pumped that Extraction 2 is currently filming, another movie has taken the streaming library by storm: director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s heist adventure Red Notice. With Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson’s digital blockbuster becoming Netflix’s most watched movie ever, the film achieved a feat that even Extraction couldn’t. 

It hasn’t been said just yet, but would it really be that much of a surprise if Sam Hargrave and Chris Hemsworth wanted to snatch that crown for themselves? The potential for a bigger and more explosive sequel in this blossoming saga could be the ticket; but only if the story's tight and the thrills are truly spectacular. That might be a thought worth wandering into the snowy woods to ponder, provided excavation equipment isn’t providing a distraction.

All the action you could want is available on Netflix, at least if movies like Extraction and Red Notice are your thing. While we still don’t have a release date for Extraction 2, this particular streaming library still has a lot to offer in the months to come. Head over to 2022’s Netflix movie release dates and find out what’s currently planned to arrive in this particular digital ecosystem. Just be sure to save some room for Thor: Love and Thunder, which will see Chris Hemsworth playing the Odinson once again on July 8th.

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