Cobra Kai: 8 Jaw-Dropping Moments From The New Season 4 Trailer

Cobra Kai Season 4 arrives right at the end of 2021, and if this new trailer is any indication of what to expect, it’s going to close the year with a bang. The All-Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament is back, and as we learned in Season 3, there are tremendous stakes. With legacies and dojos on the line, Daniel, Johnny, John, and Terry are pulling out all the stops to ensure a winner emerges out of their dojo. 

There are several jaw-dropping moments in Cobra Kai’s new trailer, especially for those who’ve been following the franchise since The Karate Kid days. Let’s jump in and deconstruct it all below, including that super tense moment between Daniel and Terry Silver. 

Johnny’s Wild Training Techniques

Johnny Lawrence’s unconventional training techniques aren’t new to Cobra Kai, though I assumed when he joined forces with Daniel LaRusso that part of his training would tone down. This trailer looks like Johnny’s only doubled down as he leads kids to a rooftop to jump off onto a mattress, all in the name of understanding eagles. I also loved seeing Demetri taking kicks with a furniture cushion strapped to his body, which seems to confirm Johnny and Daniel are training on a budget. That’s not ideal considering the wealth Terry Silver had in past movies. If he’s still financially well-off, our heroes could be at a real disadvantage ahead of this tournament with their low-rate training methods. 

Terry Silver And John Kreese Teaching Together

John Kreese is a formidable opponent, but he has his shortcomings. His excessive temper and short-sightedness open him up to mistakes and eventual defeat by those who want to take him down. Terry Silver’s return could pull Kreese back when he goes overboard and redirect his anger in an effective and sometimes more malicious way. Terry Silver is a bad man, so the two reuniting in order to stick it to Johnny and Daniel is a dangerous combination.  Kreese and Silver are a far closer duo than Johnny and Daniel, which makes them a massive threat in Cobra Kai Season 4.

Robby Teaching Miyagi-Do Style Karate To Cobra Kai

Robby Keene went full villain in Cobra Kai Season 3 and turned his back on Daniel and Johnny in order to join Cobra Kai under John Kreese. Robby was one of the strongest fighters in the series, so losing him was a massive blow to the good guys, and it looks like Robby will do just as much bad as an enemy as he did good as an ally. A brief scene features Robby teaching Cobra Kai Miyagi-Do, which will help them better defend against the fighting style that’s bested Cobra Kai in the past. Quite a betrayal by Robby, but to be fair, Johnny and Daniel kind of deserve it for the ways they hurt Robby’s feelings.

Daniel Reuniting With Terry Silver

Daniel LaRusso comes face-to-face with Terry Silver in this Cobra Kai Season 4 trailer, and you can feel the tension through the screen. Daniel had a fair amount of disdain for John Kreese and even Johnny Lawrence at times, but one look shows none of it compares to what he feels for Terry Silver. After all, Silver was the mastermind behind Mike Barnes, the most brutal opponent Daniel ever faced. I’d love to see these two go toe-to-toe before the end of the series based on these couple scenes alone, so I’m really hoping it happens.

Tory And Robby At Prom Together

Miguel dated Tory when Sam broke his heart by dating Robby, so I guess it’s only natural for Robby to date Tory now that Miguel and Sam reconciled. Of course, we don’t actually know these two are an item; I’m just guessing that because the two are at prom together looking pretty dapper. Of course, they could just be going in order to keep an eye on their exes, as jealous teens are known to do. Obviously, we’ll have to wait for the full season to see if Tory and Robby are romantically involved, but this prom shot certainly makes it seem like it’s a possibility. 

Daniel At Mr. Miyagi’s Grave

Mr. Miyagi is mentioned a lot in Cobra Kai, but it’s not often we get a picture as sobering as Daniel at his gravesite. Daniel looks upset when at the grave of his old master, though that’s expected given how much Mr. Miyagi meant to him in life. It’s possible he visited just to pay his respects or to maybe ask for some guidance in this massive karate tournament. After all, Daniel’s essentially gambling with the Miyagi-Do legacy with the tournament, so the pressure not to dishonor the Miyagi name has to be great.

Terry Bans Cobra Kai From Fighting Outside The Tournament

Cobra Kai is known for many things, and honor isn’t one of them. As such, I couldn’t help but be surprised when I heard Terry Silver instruct his pupils that they’re not allowed to fight outside of the All-Valley Tournament. I kind of commend the move, but at the same time, it’s so uncharacteristically Cobra Kai I have to believe there’s some shady reason behind it. I mean, c’mon, what fan of The Karate Kid will ever trust Terry Silver to do something commendable?

That Insane Flip Kick

Cobra Kai has some impressive fight scenes, but out of everything I’ve ever seen on this show, nothing compared to that flip kick seen at the end of the trailer. I don’t know who that kid is, but they’re absolutely going to wreck the competition if they’re busting out haymakers like that! I’m hopeful that with these super karate teams formed, we see some high-flying stunts and fights come out of it. It may be unrealistic for an under-18 tournament, but we’ve needed something a little more exciting than the crane kick for a while, and that flip kick alone blew it out of the water. 

Cobra Kai Season 4 begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, December 31. That’s only weeks away, and I couldn’t be more thankful after how hype that trailer was. Hopefully, this season is as good as the first three!

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