Watch Cobra Kai Superfan Andrew Garfield's Emotional Reaction To Surprise Messages From Cast

Andrew Garfield and Ralph Macchio
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Actors typically have their hands full with their various career commitments, but some may forget that in their spare time, they enjoy movies and TV shows just as much as the general public does. Andrew Garfield is among the stars who has consumed their fair share of pop culture phenomena over the years. For instance, the former Spider-Man star has loved the web-slinger for years and grew up watching a plethora of Saturday morning cartoons. One of his more recent TV obsessions, though, has been Netflix’s critically acclaimed sports dramedy, Cobra Kai. As a result, the streamer arranged for the cast to send the Oscar-nominated actor sweet messages, which made him quite emotional. 

While promoting his role in Netflix’s tick, tick...BOOM!, the actor appeared in a segment presented by the streamer’s GEEKED label. During the chat, he expressed his love for classic series like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, M.A.S.K. and Thundercats. Talk then turned to Cobra Kai, leading the actor to appropriately geek out about the Karate Kid sequel series:

Recently, Cobra Kai became an obsession, and I’ve had to put it on the shelf because you have not given us Season 4 yet. So I’ve had to put that obsession on the shelf, I’ve had to drop that. You really know how to treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen, Netflix.

Well, the streaming service definitely heard him loud and clear, based on the fact that it dropped that cast message for him in a subsequent segment. Andrew Garfield quickly turned into a fanboy when he saw Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence themselves, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, addressing him. He also received greetings from Mary Mouser, Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List. Check out Garfield’s visceral reaction in the video down below:

The Social Network alum pretty much held it together as well as any fan of the series would’ve. (I may or may not have screamed if put in that position.) The video is an incredibly sweet gesture and one that the actor will surely remember for years to come. As he mentioned, it should be enough to tide him over until the new season arrives. But fans may still be anxious and, considering what’s on the horizon, they have plenty of reason to be. 

Season 3 ended with Daniel and Johnny choosing to merge their karate classes in order to take on John Kreese’s Cobra Kai at the All Valley Karate Tournament. And the loser of the event will be forced to disband their dojo for good. With this, the two sensei will have to work to find some common ground amid their vastly different personalities and teaching styles. This is actually an element of the season that Ralph Macchio is most excited to explore

And as the show has done since it started its run, Season 4 is set to bring back more familiar faces from the “Miyagi-verse.” This year, fans will see the long-awaited return of Terry Silver, who will once again be played by Thomas Ian Griffith. Based on the footage that’s been dropped, it would seem that Silver is once again joining forces with his old buddy, Kreese, to put Cobra Kai back on the map. It remains to be seen if they’ll actually succeed but, with such high stakes this time around, these new episodes are sure to be nail-biters.

One would assume that Andrew Garfield will be one of the first to tune in when the season finally arrives. And when it does, I’d love to get the star’s thoughts on what the show manages to deliver.

The Spider-Man actor, along with the rest of us, will be able to check out Cobra Kai Season 4 when it hits Netflix on December 31. And be sure to check out CinemaBlend’s fall 2021 schedule for more on the shows that are returning at the end of the year.

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