Cobra Kai Season 4 First Look Revealed In New All Valley Karate Tournament Video

John Kreese after he got beat up Cobra Kai

The All Valley Karate Tournament is on the way, and it may be arriving much sooner than some Cobra Kai fans expected. Netflix just dropped a hype first-look video for Season 4 of The Karate Kid's successor series and revealed when we can expect to see the big brawl go down. Get all that holiday shopping out of the way early this year, because Season 4 will arrive on Netflix this December.

As for the new video, there were a lot of quick flashes of footage that could cause eye strain to any Cobra Kai fan who takes the time to try and rapidly go through it. Luckily, I put in the work, and in this order, it looks like we're shown the mat of the All Valley Tournament, Tory sparring with Robby in the Cobra Kai gym, Miguel training with Daniel at Miyagi-Do, Daniel and Johnny bumping fists, Johnny busting cinderblocks in a warehouse, someone jumping a rooftop, and someone who appears to be Terry Silver pulling his hair back into a ponytail.

Beyond that, there's not a ton more to see minus the fact that Robby is in full Cobra Kai gear. Johnny's son turning against him and to John Kreese will certainly be a big point of drama this season, and I'm guessing we might also get some romantic tension between Robby and Tory. Maybe not, but it does seem par for the course for this show to have the guy and girl who spar together eventually kiss.

Luckily we're not just reliant on this brief glimpse of Cobra Kai for an idea of what's on deck for Season 4. We know that Terry Silver will come to John Kreese's aid ahead of the All Valley to help him against the team-up of Daniel and Johnny. Granted, he still kind of has an advantage given Tory and Robby are two of the most proficient fighters in Cobra Kai, especially with Miguel still on the mend.

Of course, The Karate Kid franchise has historically always favored the underdogs, so really the fact that the marriage of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate is already at such a disadvantage is actually a huge narrative advantage. Then again, perhaps Season 4 could deliver a gut-wrenching twist and the kids end up running their senseis out of business after falling to Kreese's drafted talent for the new Cobra Kai.

That would certainly be a downer ending, but when I think about it, basically every season so far has ended on a low note. Will that be the case here, and we're all going to see John Kreese finally get the better of Daniel LaRusso?

We'll find out before the end of the year as Cobra Kai is set to kick off Season 4 on Netflix this December. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for details in the meantime, like how one star of the series could be headed to the cinematic world of superheroes very soon.

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