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Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending Explained: 5 Major Things That Happened

Johnny and Daniel in Cobra Kai
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Major spoilers ahead from the end of Season 4 of Cobra Kai! 

Cobra Kai has had its foot on the gas since Season 1, though the latest season really brought some major action to the Netflix series. A lot happens this season right at the end, which may be why the fans are reading up on the Cobra Kai Season 4 ending. 

The All-Valley tournament had high stakes, but I’d argue the stakes in Cobra Kai are higher following its conclusion. For those curious or just in need of a reminder, here are the major moments of the season’s end and things that will almost certainly be a factor in Season 5.

Tory with the All-Valley trophy

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Hawk And Tory Won The All-Valley Tournament

The All-Valley tournament introduced a lot of changes in its latest competition, most notably the inclusion of a skills competition and a separate gendered tournament for fighting. The men’s division featured a fierce showdown between competitors, including showdowns between allies. Miguel and Hawk had to face off ahead of the finals, and just when it seemed Miguel might make a repeat trip to the finals, a pulled muscle in his back pulled him from the competition. Hawk then pulled off a stunner victory against Cobra Kai’s Robby Keene, but that alone would not secure the team win for Miyagi-Do.

For Miyagi-Do to overtake Cobra Kai for first place in the All-Valley, Samantha needed to defeat Tory in the women’s finals of the All-Valley. The two went back and forth, but Tory narrowly eked out a victory over Sam to secure an overall dojo win for Cobra Kai. Technically, Cobra Kai’s win meant Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang are no longer dojos, and Johnny and Daniel can’t be senseis. 

Tory witnessed Terry Silver paying off the official in the tournament at its conclusion, which could call into question the true legitimacy of her and the dojo’s win. Was Tory’s win legitimate, or were the favorable calls in her match the result of paying off the official?

Miguel in Cobra Kai

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Miguel Left Town To Find His Father

Johnny’s relationship with Carmen was something Cobra Kai teased for a while, but Season 4 finally pulled the trigger. It’s good news for some fans but bad news for Miguel, who struggled to adjust to the change once he found out. First, Johnny went too soft on him in class, which didn’t go unnoticed by his fellow Eagle Fang members. Then, Robby got in Miguel’s head that Johnny only wanted to be a father to him because he messed up with Robby long ago. That idea only further bothered Miguel when he helped a drunken Johnny to bed, and after a touching conversation between the two, Johnny mistakenly referred to Miguel as “Robby.”

The experience, paired with the pressure of the All-Valley tournament, left Miguel feeling some kind of way. Miguel disappeared after the tournament, and Carmen later found out via a note at their apartment that he’d left for Mexico to track down his father. Carmen worried for her son, and initially, Johnny believed it was due to her past descriptions that Miguel’s father isn’t a good man. Carmen delivered another bombshell right at the end of the scene that made things worse, Miguel’s father isn’t even aware he has a son.

Terry Silver in Cobra Kai

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Terry Silver Betrayed John Kreese In The Worst Way Possible

John Kreese and Terry Silver succeeded in defeating Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, which meant their plan for expanding Cobra Kai was on. That’s what Kreese thought, at least, but it turned out that Terry Silver had some very different plans in mind. Silver realized Kreese was his weakness and decided the only way to cure that weakness was to remove him from the picture completely. Not long after that revelation, officers arrived and arrested Kreese for the assault of a character Cobra Kai fans know well, Stingray. 

Stingray’s betrayal is a bit confusing, considering audiences know Terry Silver assaulted Stingray. However, Silver asked Stingray during the beating how badly he wanted to rejoin Cobra Kai, which seemingly indicates that Silver instructed Stingray to give Kreese’s names when he awoke in the hospital. It’s a wild plan especially considering how badly Silver beat Stingray, but it did seem apparent the man really was desperate to rejoin Cobra Kai. I’m not sure I’d ever be desperate enough I’d get beaten to a pulp for something, but it’s not like Stingray is known for making great decisions.

Daniel LaRusso in Cobra Kai

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Daniel Vowed To Avenge Miyagi-Do, And Gained An Unexpected Ally

Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang lost the tournament to Cobra Kai, and by the rules of Kreese’s agreement with Johnny and Daniel, those dojos no longer exist. Based on Daniel’s words at Mr. Miyagi’s grave, however, he has no plans of honoring that agreement. To be fair, I’m not sure Kreese or Silver would’ve either, but it’s definitely surprising to hear Daniel not honor the deal. It’s almost as surprising as the new ally he enlisted to help bring down Kreese and Silver’s operation, Chozen Toguchi. 

Chozen agreed to help Daniel restore honor to Miyagi-Do, which apparently meant enough to him to make the trip all the way to America. Chozen showed in Season 3 he knows about techniques Mr. Miyagi never taught Daniel. Perhaps Chozen can be a loophole in the agreement that Daniel and Johnny made with Kreese. One can’t help but wonder how Chozen may differ as a teacher compared to all the senseis we’ve seen thus far and if he’ll be prone to return to his former evil ways in the same way Terry Silver did. I’m doubtful, but who knows?

Kenny in Cobra Kai

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Kenny Turned The Tables On Anthony LaRusso

Kenny seemed like the next hero of Cobra Kai and gave off massive Daniel LaRusso ties towards the start of Season 4. Anthony LaRusso, Daniel’s son, and his friends bullied Kenny relentlessly and drove him to seek the help of Cobra Kai. Kenny finally found an opportunity to turn the tables on his aggressors, but when Anthony tried to make things right, Kenny rejected the apology. In his mind, this feud is far from over, and he’s just starting to have fun. 

Kenny’s decision to continue bullying Anthony is a product of the teachings of Cobra Kai, which Kenny fully indoctrinated himself in. If Kenny is going to turn away from the “Strike First” mentality, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen in Season 5. In fact, he may just continue to pick on Anthony LaRusso until Anthony is able to turn the tables on him. I hate to see that because Kenny legitimately seems like a good person, but it’s possible Cobra Kai turned him onto a new way of thinking that he won’t soon forget. 

Cobra Kai Season 4, and all prior seasons, are available to stream on Netflix. Season 5 of Cobra Kai is already in the works, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates and any news on new additions to the cast in the coming year.

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