Could Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Return From Cancellation After New Holiday Movie?

Jane Levy and Alex Newell in Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas
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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was officially granted a second chance, which has plenty of fans excited. The cancelled NBC musical dramedy is premiering a holiday movie on The Roku Channel, to bring a little cheer to viewers and essentially conclude the series. However, many are surely curious as to whether or not the project could lead to more from the franchise. Now, the series' creator has shared shared thoughts on whether fans can expect a new life for Zoey’s following the movie.

It was a long and winding road for the beloved series to get to where it is now. NBC waited nearly a month after the Season 2 finale to decide its fate, and fans were left disappointed when the show ultimately received the axe. For a while, even Peacock looked like a solid option for the show, but the platform also passed on it. In anticipation of the new special, Austin Winsberg spoke to EW about the future, and his thoughts are quite hopeful:

The challenge of the movie was to feel like people could come in without having seen the show before and to feel like we're telling a whole story as a movie, not just extended episodes of the show. So it's a story that has some version of a beginning, middle, and end. But I also feel like we keep it open enough that, should the demand be out there, I could definitely see the story continuing, either more episodes or more movies.

When it was first announced that Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist would be getting a wrap-up movie, it was said that there's a chance Roku could order a third season. However, it seems as though it’d be better if the show continued through movies rather than episodes, in order to tell full stories. The show's creator clearly isn’t opposed to that idea, as he has plenty of plans in case the opportunity presented itself:

I have lots more Zoey movie ideas in my head. Now that I've kind of come around to the Zoey movie idea and the structure of these movies, I have more movie ideas in my head already. If there's a demand out there?

Of course, before we get too ahead of ourselves, there's plenty to look forward to in this current movie, particularly a plethora of yuletide songs. In a recently released clip, Zoey and Mo could be seen doing some Christmas shopping, and the former exactly wasn’t in the holiday mood. So Mo, being Mo, sang “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” basically with the help of the entire mall. And yes, it really was as wonderful as you're probably imagining it to be.

As a fan, I hope Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas won’t be the end of the series, because there are still so many fun things that can be done. Don’t miss the movie when it premieres on The Roku Channel on December 1!

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