David Tennant's Thriller Inside Man Has Earned Tons Of Hilariously Harsh Opinions From Viewers (Who Can't Stop Watching)

Spoilers for Inside Man ahead.

As someone who has seen Inside Man, admittedly I did have to look up a synopsis to fully understand what the heck was going on. To put it bluntly, David Tennant’s character Harry Watling makes some royally bad decisions throughout the show that descend into one wild ending. Much like me, many viewers of this 2022 TV schedule entry were confused by the show, and even annoyed by it, they then took to Twitter to explain their hilariously harsh thoughts, even though they watched the whole thing. Let’s just say their thoughts about Inside Man were not as kind as their reactions to the announcement that Tennant would be returning to Doctor Who

Starting with Abbie Covington, she pointed out just how many bad decisions Tennant’s character made, saying: 

I'll never understand why people won't just tell the truth. Especially movie characters who make a string of bad decisions that just get them deeper and deeper every time. At some point, you gotta quit while you're ahead! #InsideMannetflix #insideman

She makes a good point, clearly, the vicar should have quit while he was ahead. For some context, Harry is clearly not good at crime. During the show, he ends up telling his wife about Janice (the woman he locked in their basement). Then in episode two, Harry and his wife can't figure out how to proceed, and Janice, the person they've locked in their basement, gives them tips on how to get away with murder. The vicar also accidentally locks his son in the basement with Janice, without knowing he did so. To top it all off, things really went sideways at the end, when Harry’s wife dies after getting hit by a garbage truck, his son Ben hits Janice in the head with a hammer, and then Harry attempts and fails to kill Janice. Long story short, Harry ends up in jail because of these many missteps. 

To this point, JR, Come Back posted on Twitter: 

When the lead character is the dumbest mofo on the planet, you need to buckle the fuck up! #InsideMan #InsideMannetflix

Other people were really thrown off by how good the Inside Man cast was, compared to how much they disliked the show. I can sympathize with them, I mean Stanley Tucci and David Tennant, that’s an exciting pair-up. While these two actors are beloved, this show is not, and it left viewers aghast. In response to Tennant’s casting as the vicar, Thomas Cromwell tweeted: 

How the eff did #InsideManNetflix get greenlit?! I adore David Tennant but I am now side eyeing him cos why the hell did he accept this role?! Did he actually read the script before saying yes?!

Others, like bryn gallagher enjoyed Tucci but couldn’t get past Tennant’s plot line, writing: 

#InsideMannetflix is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Stanley Tucci & his storyline is great. The other is so beyond ridiculous you wonder how it got made.

We’ll close things out with DavKind who watched all four episodes, and while he didn’t like the show, he acknowledged why he couldn’t look away and ended up watching all four episodes. He wrote: 

#InsideMan Netflix show w Stanley Tucci and David Tenant goes so off the rails in the last episode it’s not a great show but it’s not the worst show I’ve either. It’s more like a car accident that I can’t look away from

So, while you can watch Inside Man with a Netflix subscription, these people would likely tell you to proceed with caution. One show you can watch with a little less apprehension though is Doctor Who, especially after that shocking ending for Jodie Whittaker’s doctor, that confirmed how David Tennant would be involved in the 60th Anniversary cast

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