Disney+'s Disenchanted Drops First Look At Amy Adams And Maya Rudolph, And Their Costumes Are Wild

Of the many live-action tales Disney has amassed in recent memory, one of the best is arguably Enchanted. It wasn’t a remake, but rather a comedic imagining of how a Disney princess might react to the real world. After years of conversation around a sequel, the House of Mouse has made a sequel called Disenchanted. We finally have the first official look at the Disney+ movie, and the costumes are certainly something else. 

Ahead of the highly-anticipated release of Disenchanted, Disney+ posted an image from the film along with announcing when we can expect to see Amy Adams’ return as Giselle. Check it out: 

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Amy Adams’ Giselle can be seen on the left wearing a whole new look for the Andalasian. She is wearing a peacock-inspired dark blue dress and her red locks in a beautiful updo. She is giving the side eye to a new character played by Maya Rudolph, and I’m sorry, but she clearly is wearing a black wig and a crown that looks straight out of a Renaissance faire gift shop. 

Maya Rudolph is set to play the villain in Disenchanted following Susan Sarandon playing the evil Queen Narissa in the 2007 original. The new character is reportedly named Malvina Monroe, and she’ll be the woman overseeing a new neighborhood that Giselle and her family move into. Malvina will have ill-intentions that will serve as the main conflict of the film, but for now, we’re unsure what exactly those intentions are. 

Disenchanted will see the return of Patrick Dempsey as Robert, who Giselle falls in love with in New York City after falling out of the animated world of Andalasia. James Marsden and Idina Menzel will also reprise their roles of Prince Edward and Nancy, respectively, after the pair fell in love and got married at the end of the 2007 Disney flick. 

Giselle’s happily ever after in Enchanted involved her remaining in New York as Robert's romantic partner and presumably the new mother to his young daughter, Morgan. In Disenchanted, Morgan will be all grown up (and played by newcomer Gabriella Baldacchino). The entire Disenchanted cast list is stacked with talents also including Oscar Nuñez, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays among others.  

What’s peculiar about the new image is when Enchanted had its characters wear fairytale costumes, it’s usually in animation. Perhaps Giselle and Malvina are in some sort of faire or festival, and the costumes are supposed to be this wild. We won’t have to wait too much longer considering it’s also been announced that Disenchanted is coming this Thanksgiving. If you want to mark your calendars for that, the release date is presumably November 24, 2022, or at least on that week.  

Either way, it’s great to see Amy Adams back in her beloved Disney character, 15 years after the release of Enchanted. I'm wondering how Giselle has changed since she first stepped into Times Square in a massive wedding gown. Disenchanted, which wrapped production last summer, was directed by Hairspray and A Walk To Remember director Adam Shankman, and will include new music from legendary Disney composer Alan Menken

Disenchanted will be available to watch exclusively with a Disney+ subscription when it drops later this year. 

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