Dopesick Cast: Where You’ve Seen The Hulu Miniseries Actors Before

Michael Keaton on Dopesick
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The new Hulu limited series Dopesick tells the tragic story of the American opioid crisis that has ravaged communities around the country since introduction of painkillers like Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin. Based on Beth Macy’s non-fiction book Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America, the series explores the impact supposedly safe pain medications have on people as told by various characters on essentially every side of the struggle. After watching the debut chapter in this unfortunate series of events you might be wondering where exactly you’ve seen the Dopesick cast before, including stars Michael Keaton, Rosario Dawson, Will Poulter and other members of the talented group of actors. Well, we’re here to break that down for you right here and now…

Michael Keaton on Dopesick

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Michael Keaton (Dr. Samuel Finnix)

Michael Keaton leads the Dopesick cast as Dr. Samuel Finnix, a physician in a rural Virginia coal town who unwittingly leads dozens of his patients to a life of addiction and even death after prescribing them to OxyContin, a medication he was initially told was safe and non-habit forming. Perhaps the most recognizable star of the eight-episode Hulu series, Keaton has been one of Hollywood’s leading men for more than 40 years now, appearing in everything from Batman and Batman Returns to Spotlight to Spider-Man: Homecoming and scores of other movies and TV shows. The Golden Globe winner (Birdman) has proven his worth in comedies like Mr. Mom, fantasy horror in Beetlejuice, and drama with The Founder. It’s just a shame he has yet to win an Academy Award…

Peter Sarsgaard on Dopesick

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Peter Sarsgaard (Rick Mountcastle)

Peter Sarsgaard appears on Dopesick as Rick Mountcastle, one the U.S. Attorneys with the Justice Department pursuing a case against Purdue Pharma for the company’s role in manufacturing the highly-addictive painkiller. Since making his big-screen debut in the 1995 crime drama Dead Man Walking, Sarsgaard has gone on to appear in movies like Boys Don’t Cry, Garden State, and Jarhead, as well as a list of shows that includes The Killing, The Looming Tower, and even an episode of Law and Order. Sarsgaard also received a great deal of recognition for his performance in the 2003 biographical drama Shattered Glass including a Golden Globe nomination for his take on former editor of The New Republic Charles Lane.

Michael Stuhlbarg on Dopesick

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Michael Stuhlbarg (Richard Sackler)

Michael Stuhlbarg takes on the role Richard Sackler, the chairman and CEO of Purdue Pharma. Prior to joining the Dopesick cast, Stuhlbarg built up quite a name for himself as one of more unique faces in Hollywood. Over the years, he’s appeared in everything from dark comedies like the Coen Brothers’ 2009 effort A Serious Man to historical figures in Lincoln, Hitchcock, Steve Jobs, and Trumbo, in which he portrayed acting legend Edward G. Robinson. Stuhlbarg has also appeared in Doctor Strange, The Shape of Water, Call Me By Your Name, and multiple TV shows that include Boardwalk Empire (another historical figure in Arnold Rothstein), Fargo, and Your Honor.

Will Poulter on Dopesick

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Will Poulter (Billy)

Taking on the role of Billy, a pharmaceutical rep who gets caught up in the OxyContin scandal, is Will Poulter. Before playing the young and naive character on Dopesick, built up a rather healthy resumé with titles like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, We’re the Millers, and The Maze Runner franchise. In the years since then, Poulter has appeared in the Netflix Interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Midsommar. In October 2021, it was revealed that Poulter would be playing Adam Warlock in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which makes him yet another member of the Hulu limited series’ cast to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

John Hoogenakker on Dopesick

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John Hoogenakker (Randy Ramseyer)

John Hoogenakker appears in Dopesick as Randy Ramseyer, one of the U.S. Attorneys who helps prepare the legal proceedings brought against Purdue Pharma for their role in the opioid epidemic. Since making his acting debut on a 2005 episode of ER, Hoogenakker has spent the majority of his career on shows like Chicago Fire, Colony, Castle Rock, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, on which he portrayed Matice in the Amazon series’ first two seasons. Outside of television, Hoogenakker has taken on roles in movies like Contagion, Flags of Our Fathers, and Public Enemies.

Kaitlyn Dever on Dopesick

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Kaitlyn Dever (Betsy Mallum)

Kaitlyn Dever takes on the role of an opioid-addicted coal miner named Betsy Mallum in Dopesick. Though it wasn’t her first role, Dever made a name for herself as Eve Baxter on the long-running Tim Allen-led sitcom Last Man Standing. Since then, Dever has appeared on various TV shows, specials, and movies including Home Movie: The Princess Bride, Unbelievable, and Coastal Elites. She has also built up quite a nice list of film credits as well including Short Term 12, The Front Runner, Beautiful Boy, and Booksmart. Her most recent appearance was in the 2021 big screen adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen.

Rosario Dawson on Dopesick

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Rosario Dawson (Bridget Meyer)

Rosario Dawson shows up in Dopesick as Bridget Meyer a DEA agent who makes it her mission to fight the opioid epidemic and stop those responsible from doing it again. Dawson, who made her acting debut in the shocking 1995 coming-of-age drama Kids, has spent the the past quarter-century showing up in everything from 25th Hour to Sin City and Clerks to Seven Pounds. On top of all those film roles, Dawson has also appeared on shows like Daredevil (and the other Marvel shows on Netflix) and The Mandalorian. She will next appear in the upcoming Disney+ spinoff series Ahsoka.

Phillipa Soo on Dopesick

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Phillipa Soo (Amber)

Phillipa Soo appears in Dopesick as Amber, one of the first sales representatives to take OxyContin to doctors offices across the country. The Tony-nominated actress and singer established herself as one of the most promising stars in theatre with her impactful portrayal of Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton before taking on the title role in the Broadway adaptation of Amélie. Since then, Soo has tried her luck in film and television showing up in movies like The Broken Hearts Gallery and Here and Now as well as shows like The Code and The Bite.

Jake McDorman on Dopesick

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Jake McDorman (John Brownlee)

Jake McDorman takes on the role of U.S. Attorney Jake McDorman in Dopesick. Prior to his portrayal of the head prosecutor in the case against Purdue Pharma, McDorman built up a rather robust filmography by appearing in movies like Live Free or Die Hard, American Sniper, Lady Bird, and Happiest Season as well as shows like Greek, Shameless, Limitless, and the 2018 revival of Murphy Brown.

Ray McKinnon on Deadwood

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Ray McKinnon (Jerry Mallum)

Prolific character actor Ray McKinnon appears in Dopesick as Jerry Mallum, the father of Kaitlyn Dever’s character. Over the years, McKinnon has appeared in dozens of movies ranging from Apollo 13 to Ford v. Ferrari, but he is probably best known for his iconic performances as H.W. Smith on Deadwood and U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter in Sons of Anarchy, a role he later reprised on the spinoff series Mayans M.C.

Cleopatra Coleman on The Last Man On Earth

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Cleopatra Coleman (Grace Pell)

Cleopatra Coleman takes on the role of Grace Pell, an outspoken coal miner in Dopesick. Perhaps best known for her appearances on The Last Man on Earth and In the Shadow of the Moon, Coleman has spent the better part of the early 21st Century bouncing between film and television with roles on shows like White Famous, The Elephant Princess, and The Eric Andre Show.

Jaime Ray Newman on Bates Motel

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Jaime Ray Newman (Kathe Sackler)

Jaime Ray Newman portrays Kathe Sackler, one of the high-ranking members of the family behind Purdue Pharma on Dopesick. Over the years, Newman has made appearances on everything from The Drew Carey Show to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Bates Motel to Little Fires Everywhere and dozens upon dozens of other shows. Newman has major roles on the likes of The Punisher, Eureka, and Veronica Mars throughout her career.

Andrea Frankle on Dopesick

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Andrea Frankle (Beth Sackler)

Andrea Frankle appears on Dopesick as Beth Sackler, the wife of Richard Sackler and one of the biggest names in the entire family. Throughout her career, Frankle has taken on roles on shows like True Detective, Underground, The Purge, and Cloak and Dagger, as well as movies like Irresistible, Bullet to the Head, and 21 Jump Street.

Will Chase on Dopesick

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Will Chase (Michael Friedman)

Taking on the role of Purdue Pharma marketing executive Michael Friedman in Dopesick is Will Chase, who has spent the majority of his career appearing on people’s TV sets. Over the years, Chase has had major roles on shows like Nashville, Time After Time, and Sharp Objects, as well as smaller spots on the likes of Stranger Things, The Deuce, and The Good Wife.

Trevor Long on Ozark

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Trevor Long (Rudy Giuliani)

And then there is Trevor Long, who portrays Rudy Giuliani in Dopesick. Prior to taking on the role of the former mayor of New York City, Long established himself with recurring roles on Low Winter Sun and Ozark as well as smaller roles on The Blacklist, Blindspot, and The Resident. He most recently appeared in an episode of the hit CBS crime drama FBI: Most Wanted

The first three episodes Dopesick are now streaming on Hulu with subsequent chapters debuting at 12:01 a.m. ET every Wednesday Through mid-November 2021. If you want to know what else is coming to cable and streaming services, check out CinemaBlend’s 2021 fall TV schedule.

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