Hamilton’s Phillipa Soo Reveals The Broadway Musical She Would Love To Join

Phillipa Soo in The Broken Hearts Gallery

2020 was a not-so-great year for musical theatre, especially Broadway, as many productions were forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But there is still hope that the lights on Broadway will shine again post-pandemic. Former Hamilton star Phillipa Soo is one of those holding on to that hope, as the actor recently revealed which Broadway musical she would love to join if given the chance.

Phillipa Soo’s star took off after she played Eliza Hamilton in the award-winning Broadway musical. The actor earned multiple theatre award nominations for her role, and it ulimated jumpstarted her film and television career. That doesn’t mean Phillipa Soo has given up on musical theatre, though. Soo recently spoke with Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast and, during the conversation, she revealed why she would love to join a certain fan-favorite musical:

I haven’t seen it, and I’ve just heard some of the music but it looks fucking cool, which is Six the musical… I’ve heard some of the music, and I’ve seen what everybody else is seeing, like a glimpse of a preview. I have some friends that saw it when it was in London. But I mean, just singing like that with a huge group of women just feels so fun.

Despite all her post-Hamilton success, Phillipa Soo still has the hunger to take part in the grind of musical theatre. Just like Hamilton, Six seemed to be a musical going against traditional conventions, which fits right in the Broadway veteran’s wheelhouse. It would be nice to see her take on one of the characters.

Before starring in Hamilton, Phillipa Soo was one of three leads in the off-Broadway musical Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812. Luck was on her side, as she gained the role fresh out of Julliard. Since leaving Hamilton, the actor has starred in both Broadway and off-Broadway productions such as Amélie, The Parisian Woman and Tumacho.

As mentioned, Phillipa Soo has turned to film and television work over the past few years, and she recently starred in the critically acclaimed animated film, Over the Moon, with fellow Broadway veteran Ruthie Ann Miles, Ken Jeong, John Cho and Sandra Oh. 2020 was a busy year for the actor, as she lent her voice to Disney+’s The One and Only Ivan and had a supporting role in The Broken Hearts Gallery. She even made a return to Hamilton, as Disney+ released a filmed version of the play, which ended up being one of the most-streamed films of 2020.

Despite Broadway’s uncertain future, Phillipa Soo still seems to crave being on a Broadway stage and entertaining the masses. If you want more to see more Phillipa Soo, you can check out Over the Moon on Netflix and Hamilton on Disney+.

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