Erin and Ben Napier Get Support From HGTV, The Pioneer Woman And More After Announcing Their Very Own Christmas Movie

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HGTV has given viewers who love watching shows about real estate and home renovations nearly an innumerable number of hits to enjoy all year long. Since 2016, that’s included Home Town, which follows married couple Erin and Ben Napier as they rehab houses in their small town of Laurel, Mississippi. Their series is so popular that it’s spawned several renovation show spinoffs, and fans can look forward to seeing more of them this year, but in a very unexpected way: they’ve made their own Christmas movie! And, after making the announcement, the Napiers got support from The Pioneer Woman and many more people.

How Did People Support Erin And Ben Napier After They Announced Their Christmas Movie? 

The Home Town: Ben’s Workshop host and his children’s book author wife took to Instagram to announce their newest venture, the Discovery+ Christmas movie, A Christmas Open House, which is set to hit the streaming service on November 11. Let’s take a look at the post, which has just enough holiday cheer in it to help you get into the mood!

The Home Town Takeover hosts are all smiles and winter-appropriate sweaters in the photo that accompanied their post, and standing in front of a very well-lit Christmas tree to really drive their news home. The streamer (which currently combines content from cable channels like HGTV, Food Network, TLC, and more) is sticking with the Christmas movie business after bringing its first one, Candy Coated Christmas, to holiday movie lovers in 2021. In fact, Food Network star Ree Drummond (who may be better known by the name of her cooking show, The Pioneer Woman) appeared in that movie and was one of the first to step up and congratulate the new movie stars, and said:

I’m so darn excited!!! Putting it on my calendar. Maybe I’ll put up my tree that day 😂 (emphasis on maybe…)

I’m pretty sure everyone who celebrates this holiday deals with the push/pull of when to get all of their decorations up, but if you’re at home watching a movie made to celebrate Christmas anyway, why not use it as an opportunity to pull out at least some of your seasonal finery, right? Of course, the Napiers' (who celebrated their youngest daughter’s first birthday not that long ago) home network and the streamer that will host their movie also came out to offer support:

HGTV: Home (movies!) for the holidays!

Discovery Plus: 🎶 It’s the moooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the year! 🎶

Seems like everyone’s excited, but if you’re not sold on this project just yet, wait until you hear the idea for the movie!

What Will Erin And Ben Napier’s Christmas Movie Be About? 

A Christmas Open House, while not one of the upcoming Hallmark movies focused on the special occasion, will feature the Napier’s playing Sarah and Henry Wright, who are, well, basically just movie versions of Erin and Ben, as “Henry is a master woodworker and custom furniture builder, and Sarah is an artist with an expertise in color and transformative design choices.” 

They will be working with Melissa (Katie Stevens), a property stager, and her former high school crush, David (Victor Rasuk), to renovate and create some custom pieces for Melissa’s family home before some rich prospective buyers are due to look at the property on Christmas Eve. And, if you know anything about the Christmas movies that populate the airwaves during the last months of the year, then you know that Melissa and David will be on a collision course with love as they work on her mom’s house.

Clearly, this is the perfect kind of movie for everyone’s favorite Home Town duo to appear in, so be sure to tune in on Friday, November 11 when the film debuts on Discovery+.

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