Home Town's Erin Napier Celebrates Daughter's First Birthday With Sweet Post

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While people came to know and love Erin Napier as a home renovation / design guru on the hit HGTV series, Home Town, that she hosts with her husband, Ben, the past couple of years have seen her become a social media star, as well. The home expert has been applauded for using her platform to stick up for her oldest daughter, Helen, after people made mean comments about the child’s hair, as well as for opening up about how the Napiers try to protect their kids from the dangers of the public eye. Now, though, Napier has taken to her platform of choice to celebrate her youngest daughter’s first birthday with a sweet post.

What Did Erin Napier Have To Say About Her Daughter’s First Birthday?

One of the things that Erin Napier has also talked about openly is why she and Ben decided to have a second child, as well as the “dance” of parenting two kids at this stage of the Napiers busy careers. It’s obvious that her family is a big part of life that Napier enjoys sharing with her followers, so it makes sense that she would take to Instagram to celebrate daughter Mae’s first birthday with a sweet update on the little girl:

Awwww! As Napier noted in her post, she may have waited a couple of weeks to fill folks in on how Mae is doing after turning the big 1, but this seems like a very complete list of things their quickly growing girl can now do. It’s interesting to note that Napier is now calling Mae her “adventurous one” who’s willing to, apparently, do a lot of “climbing and falling” despite still holding on to Napier’s finger when she walks, as she had to update fans on a serious park accident that Helen had early last year

I don’t remember anything about being a 1-year-old kid, but it certainly sounds like Mae is on track to being able to do anything she sets her mind to, and she definitely has some good role models for that. Erin and Ben Napier were already the proud owners of a few businesses in their home town of Laurel, Mississippi, when HGTV came calling, and the Napiers actually thought that the producer who contacted them simply wanted to buy something from Erin’s stationary business.

The leap they took when finding out that they were being courted for their own TV show has led to even more success, with Home Town still going very strong and now having spinoffs like Home Town: Ben’s Workshop, and Home Town Takeover, and even a new franchise in Home Town Kickstart, which just aired its Season 1 finale at the end of May. On top of that, Napier just completed some big firsts for herself, having released her first children’s book, The Lantern House, and done her first live TV interview without her husband.

Basically, Mae (and Helen, for that matter) is going to grow up seeing first hand how people like Erin and Ben Napier juggle all of the important aspects of their lives while staying true to what matters to them and still managing to go viral for relatable parenting posts, and that all seems like a good thing. Happy Birthday, Mae!

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